The development process of my local classified information website

has been diving for a long time. Come out for a bubble today. Just a little bit of a mood, just to share with you: a local classification information website development process, in fact, I just want to say: I am a webmaster, I have a station.

, reading in a foreign country, began contacting the network at the end of 02. Individuals are not interested in online games, at first they are talking about QQ occasionally, and there is a lot of information about what they are interested in. That two years, is popular YAHOO search, eBay, Sina, ChinaRen and so on. So far, YAHOO and eBay declined, and Sina, 163, Sohu, I rarely patronize.

wanted to be a home site, let the old people can get benefits from the network to some of the ideas became affordable – a hobby, usually when the students crazy play online games, my bubble in the home that several sites in the original. At that time, 8u8, y365, 7i24, Bo (Sunbo), a (SGW) to provide free space, the two level domain name, also registered a plurality of users, with the free resources to build a small home page, and then try to publicize IP and netizen interactive message at the tiny spots, immersion in the simple pleasures.

about 04 years in the middle, a domestic agricultural site to recruit home station owners, try to apply for sub station, several applications were returned, several applications again, and finally achieved the opportunity to try and obtain management authority. The small agricultural sub station did more than a year, through self-study and communicate with other webmaster, learned a lot of introductory website knowledge.

to 05 years, and strive to apply, in the absence of the franchise fees under the premise of operating a domestic city platform of the home station, and really began to do local portal site. At that time, a spare time, weekend rest time, basically soak in the Internet bar, difficult to do outside the website promotion, local network promotion, etc., this experience is very memorable.

graduated 06 years ago and worked. Not too much energy to do agricultural station and local portal station, slowly, gave permission, this has found many defects, so the agent sub station, initiation of an idea: make your own, pure local web.

07 years, registered a domain name component (, "0435" is my home area code, is actually very ganqiao: some local home sites, have paid attention to this domain, and the domain name has been registered prior to 07 years, unexpectedly did not renew expired domain name. Go back to the end of November over the website, website, website name: Meihekou life net.

later discovered that, 07 years later, the name of "XX life network" was widespread in china. The website is on-line, begin to contact Province, city and county similar website, exchange link, bubble forum, stick post, QQ group, I am everywhere. Up to now, some loyal users of my website and QQ group are all I brought to ink early.

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