Talking about how to raise website traffic

everybody should know how to make a web site easy, just some source download site to download several source code, and then select the appropriate source program, and then uploaded to the space frame on the domain name you! But as the saying goes: easy to start setting difficult. The website is the same reason, the establishment of a web site should not cost, the technology can be said to be zero, but when you set up a website, how to make their sites to get traffic, how can let other people know your site and often visit your website to obtain information, this is a a more difficult part! I want to come to A5, most of them are facing how to get more traffic to today, I don’t just talk about this, how can the station traffic has been rising over the old


first, before we set up a website, please at your local erection, uploaded to your space, it is one of the more important tips! Do not upload, find the template is a problem, there is a bit of dislocation, repeated changes constantly, this kind of words only a dead end. I read an article, said Baidu mechanism now even change two level classification will know, and even will spread to your web site authority. So we have to test in the local good, classification identified, and then uploaded to space! If you really want to modify, do not modify too much, slowly,


then is to enrich the content of the website, no matter what you do, do not take a few websites to show people, because it gives visitors a less sense of trust, to see that this is a new station, greatly reduce the degree of trust. If you want to do garbage collection, you can use the acquisition method to quickly achieve substantial content, but these garbage stations do not know when the Baidu K will be dropped. So I suggest you do a regular website, manual to update an article, it is best to write the original article, if it is not write, false original, pseudo original software can achieve some. I like the station: Avid software station, I have uploaded after the program, the first is the original, the software is written by me personally, because the search engine on the website of the first impression is very important, so that Baidu took 3 days to put out avid station software


when the content of your website looks full, you can go to the publicity! This is our first step flow straight up, because as a stand, must have patience and perseverance, do stand to have the time, generally those 3 days tens of thousands of traffic, are liars or nonsense now! Phoenix nest, and so easy to get traffic? Even if you don’t K

good!There are many methods of

propaganda, such as forums to promote, inadvertently in the article add links pointing to your site or your website name; using the signature function of the forum, with links to your site are often affixed to the top, grab the sofa is the best! It is some blog to add their own link to add >

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