Open the door to creative ideas website construction will succeed

              recently, in the financial turmoil, the trend of the Chinese online games, once again the attention of the community. Chinese online has been sought after by the industry, the industry profit is relatively easy, but today has become "not in enrichment" embarrassing situation, scenery appearance can not help but in the surging undercurrent.

in view of this phenomenon, the media analysis of its ills, Chinese online games present "Three Soft", namely, lack of creativity and difficult to create strong defense preparations, is responsible for the stagnation of development, put aside the matter, is the lack of creativity, the author thinks that the content and structure of the online world today are uneven in quality although, the network game has been out of the country, popular all over the world, but leave the impression of foreign or square pattern, immutable and frozen.

according to my understanding of foreign online games, such as South Korea’s some online games products, whether from the screen or content operations, are exquisite, features, simple and easy to operate, and therefore favored. While China’s online games compared to a far gap, the development prospect was gloomy, I think the biggest reason is the lack of new ideas in planning on! This is what we say "ism" and "bookishness". As disclosed in the media that the net swims is Chinese woman dressed man dressed in a little iron hand, a sword cut people everywhere. The content of a single stock. China culture broad and profound, rich connotation, but why in the technical field of online games in such a lack of creativity? Is it really exhausted?

a good works or it can be said that good quality products, it needs to survive, must be based on the complex economic society, there must be different from other similar products, have their own characteristics, highlight the advantages of the one and only not the same, so that it is competitive, in order to survive in the complicated economic tide in. In other words, if the operators of the website can make good use of the characteristics of the Internet and their accurate positioning of the target market, then they can let potential customers know you and become repeat customers.

As we do

webmaster, want to occupy a space for one person in the Internet, we must grasp the opportunity of innovation, fully tap their creativity, make different from other industry websites of different move, unique, so as to be in an invincible position. Around us, a lot of veteran websites, the reason why they can stay in the Internet for a long time, in addition to seniority, the most fundamental reason is that they have an innovative sense of their own. If this kind of webmaster webmaster information service type of industry website, the idea is that it embodies the grassroots feelings, this is their characteristics, they do is to serve the grassroots, build to help novice webmaster platform to achieve the dream, is also a characteristic move, deeply won the trust and good webmaster word of mouth.

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