Webmaster industry on the classic experience of mentality

Any one industry in reality are

we need to seek a breakthrough in the experience of the predecessors, the webmaster industry is no exception, as a small webmaster, I may not have too much experience to tell you, but industry predecessors have a lot of experience is what we don’t know, in this article, I will combine the experience of personal understanding of the predecessors and give you a summary, hope that through this series of tutorials can really help you improve, whether from the technical or mentality.

today in the summary of the mentality of the problem, I personally have always thought that website is actually build your mentality, or test your mentality. Predecessors in previous articles referred to the mentality of the problem, then I’ll sub examples of these mentality.

one. Hold on, hold on, hold on,

insists on this mentality, I think this is the most important one in senior webmaster experience, Great oaks from little acorns grow., Ma also said that the success of the road a lot of people on the day before the success of the night is dead, those who survived to succeed in the beginning rather mediocre, and even some difference. But why did they succeed? We have many webmaster do not always able to keep good, do three days of fishing, two days, in the end what also didn’t do, blame webmaster this industry is not good, I would like to ask these people, the industry mix of good


want to know even the beggars to some extent needs to compete, you are faced with nearly 1 billion 400 million people, you do not work hard, where there are so many resources to give you, I believe we have seen some looks very good website, this is quite looks indecent Baidu ranking, income is quite good but, you look at other people’s site time, you will understand why people can succeed, online things which one can bring wealth to you, you must learn to persevere, to know that there is a reasonable, you can go to the pursuit of those popular words, what cancer, such as weight loss, the premise is to do weigh yourself, the optimization level of you is not good, you are not a very good resources, what did not, what do you go to the competition those popular words, even if is removed For a long time did not dare to go to senior competition, so a direction of rotation at the beginning to insist on, insist on a year after I believe you should be able to PR to 2, the ranking is also good, adhere to the 5 years in this industry, you must also have a reputation, revenue will naturally come.

two. Down-to-earth,

do people in addition to adhere to the requirements, down-to-earth is a very important quality, you don’t cheat, bought a domain name made a space with a program, hung a collector to sit while waiting for the money, you have to know what you are doing you will also, we did not earn the money, you think you could earn? If so, who will work in front of the computer code, who will exchange links not to mind taking the trouble there, we all love some entertainment! "

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