Talking about the content management and planning of website

Internet is a huge information database, if the website planners can help users to check, shoddy, vulgar content will Nishajuxia, drive high-quality users to target users here find a sense of belonging. Therefore, in the operation of the website, we must first be able to judge: what kind of content is good, is advocated; what kind of content is bad, unpopular. Through the network editor’s checks, high-quality content was refined out, bad content was excluded. To A5 Adsense network as an example, if the content of the website without audit checks, then this site will not be recognized by the majority of owners, owners will not be willing to visit the domestic learning platform, it is because of strict control of website content, website content will have now all kinds of high quality, so as to bring web site traffic promotion and then promote the development of the site towards the benign ecosystem.

in order to better manage and plan the content of the website, and enhance the quality of the content of the website, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:

first of all, the website focuses on the planning of content columns. The section of the web site or channel manager need to make detailed description, including column outline, column details, relevant section, reference website, appendix, these must be clear, otherwise the real intention website editor may not be understand website channel. For the key section of the website, we can inform artists or programmers through the "important" need to focus on areas of concern, emphasized to the website design process, and in the process of promoting website, will focus on the content section is mainly reflected, the biggest advantage outstanding website, so you can focus on the column to drive the other section of the content of construction, so as to form a complete website content.

secondly, the establishment of content audits, the shutdown system. To do the content on the website of the audit checks, requires operators pursue is not flow, but the content of universal values, through content values to screen users, and then guide the users to spontaneously maintain proper atmosphere. Therefore, the establishment of standards of two methods, the first is the audit content and application is not appropriate to weed out; second is recommended, the top recommended position, add, update project etc., make good content to increase the exposure rate, precision and highlight the role of gatekeeper. "Audit" and "recommended" in the A5 webmaster network has been a good embodiment, this is also worthy of the webmaster need to learn the place, and more needs long-term adherence.

again, good at analyzing the characteristics of the same type of web site. On the one hand, we should analyze from the point of view of our own website and draw on the advantages of other websites to make up for the shortcomings of our products. For example, the content of the web site, user base, page design style, direction of development, traffic and so on. On the other hand, we have to think more about the thinking and profit model of other websites, and plan the existing websites from a bigger strategic level, and plan the content of websites reasonably. In addition, also to net >

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