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"Tianya registered members of the forum, even for a yuan integrity certification fee is not reasonable!" a lot of friends in the online discussion. Recently, the famous Chinese community website Tianya launched SMS activation system, triggered a network crusade against the storm. The so-called Tianya slobber launched integrity activation authentication, the user is in the registered members after the need to send text messages through certification, can participate in the post, replies, use all the features, and the SMS authentication fee is 1 yuan of money deducted from the user’s mobile phone.

As a veteran of the Chinese

Tianya community website, since its launch in 1999, has accumulated millions of active users, the active, has long attracted the jealousy of many community forum rookie, borrow Tianya launched 1 yuan SMS integrity certification, took the opportunity to crusade, is expected among things. But I launched the integrity authentication mechanism for thinking to purify the environment of the community, or as a means of profit? Tianya a staff member said, Tianya integrity certification fee in order to improve the threshold, purify the network community Tianya virtual environment. He said that the end of the world community through the development in recent years, the website hits rise, because the site does not set the threshold, a few netizens malicious registered account, the Tianya community as a release of free advertising, also released some illegal information, and even abuse the harassment of others. Mobile phone number is facing a terminal user, enter the mobile phone number for good faith authentication, you can appropriately improve the threshold of Internet users registration, registered members of Internet users will not be unscrupulous in the forum. Only authenticated users can leave messages, comments, postings, replies or more products to other users.

web spam, web site operators has been the most headache problem, the activation system is a good solution, can enhance the user access threshold, to ensure survival of the registered users, reduce the malicious behavior of large programs registered users on the site of the station, on the network activation mechanism, we can do this in depth. At present, roughly divided into 3 modes, mail activation, activation code and mobile phone SMS verification.

one, mail activation is the most commonly used authentication method, and is divided into mail activation and mail invitation two ways:

1, e-mail is activated. Users become members of the site at the time of registration, need to fill out their own Email, after registration, the registration procedures will automatically register Email to send an activation email, which with the activation link (parameters). When the user clicks on the activation link of the activation mail to access the activation page and the activation is successful, you can use the account number to log on to the site. This is the easiest way to activate. Not only can obtain the correct site through the activation of Email users, and the Email can be used as a user password, as a way to retrieve the password. Mail send activation to enhance the user access to the threshold, and mail can also be used as a user account, because everyone can remember their most commonly used Email. but the abuse of free mail, send mail.

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