1 million 2 million 3 million local webmaster how to break through the bottleneck

with the development of mobile Internet, the local community site is also increasing, according to statistics of the 3000 local community website, in the forum site, the 90% sites are in a confused state, or in the dark. What is the reason for this situation? That is, after the development of the forum to a certain stage, do not know how to develop, stuck in the bottleneck.

talk about how to break through the bottleneck before, we first analyze the local website to develop profitability, need to meet what one: flow two: reputation three: user data. These three points, we seize a little, can maintain the development of our website. The local community website or for the purpose of profit, profit is the premise of users, our analysis found that the current site traffic entrance has changed, the development has been like depth of service industry, from this trend we can see what is the local site to do, is the user experience. If some local websites or for immediate interest, not pay attention to the user experience, that webmaster friends will alert.

one: 1 million to 2 million webmaster’s "dangerous period"

above, we said that the local website to do is the user, is the user experience. Can seize this point, and can do a good job in the early promotion, your site will slowly accumulate users, you can plan an enterprise product, such as enterprise single page, joint promotion, etc.. Because users do website development will be very rapid, performance can easily reach 1 million to 2 million, this time is a few stationmaster "dangerous period", because this time some owners will have the good performance that most probably it did not actually happen, do good, the development of the local site, and recruit a large number of people of the team. This will lead to uneven distribution of personnel, team management confusion and other issues.

two: 3 million stationmaster "take a step further into the abyss as boundless as the sea and sky,"

Certainly not the local forum

development to 3 million stalled, but to continue to develop, many local forum have died in 3 million, because at this stage, the owners will feel very confused, how to develop, rely on advertising cooperation has been unable to meet the web site maintenance, operations team will also appear obstacles, the most important thing is this is a point when the owners do not know what I should do to profit. Two points is very important, webmaster friends should pay attention to one: team number control in less than 20, two: find your own web site need to do what products. When the site do 3 million performance to continue to seek development, team operation is very important, it is necessary to develop the team, from the beginning to training to ensure the team’s loyalty, you do website 3 million if not key members, suggest webmaster friends stop rectification team, to carry out the operation concept, differentiation member system. If it is a technical type of webmaster, it is best to find partners, partners choose to do the media and fast selling products. Can go to see the front desk work of a local station

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