Adsense plagiarism but also good at camouflage

in the design community, "copy" is a very sensitive word, one of the people of the hated, secretly happy; someone praised it, someone to avoid it if a. But in any case, "plagiarism" phenomenon is widespread in the design community, but the object and method are different.

has a saying: "existence is reasonable.". Of course, this is also a very controversial statement, but at least it illustrates a truth: the existence of a wide range of things, there must be the reason for its existence. We can not beat a stick, we must go to investigate its roots, to find its laws, and ultimately serve us.

Three levels of


primary realm: copy counterparts

for those who have just stepped into the field of design, peer work is the most direct and effective copy of the object. The stupid person is like a gourd. It is the lowest level of plagiarism. It can be equivalent to "copy". It has neither technical content nor ideological content. The wise man decomposes the composition, breaks down a few parts of his work, or adds his own innovation, or a combination of several works. But anyway, he joined a bit of his own thinking and created something new.

I believe that many people who do design have experienced this stage at the beginning. This is not a sin. The guilt, because not everyone is a genius, we only design enthusiasts, and mix to eat.

intermediate realm: copy similar industry

when you go to a certain number of years, or when the director, designer and so on, if you go to copy the work of peers, will be despised. At this point, you will be "plagiarism" vision away, do not always bite counterparts, try other other design industry, this will make your "plagiarism" level to another level.

the specific way is that if you are a graphic design, you can look at paintings, sculpture, three-dimensional photography, film and television and other works, and vice versa. This will not only win the broad vision for your reputation, but also rarely appear identical to this embarrassing phenomenon, let your fame in the world of design reputation.

advanced realm: copy nature all things,

if you want to go to the next step and reach a higher level, then you can put the object of plagiarism more detailed, wider and farther. The first part of the said fine, for example on a pool of water stains, peeling plaster, light changes under the shadow, under the microscope, some wonderful patterns and so on all the subtle image. Besides, you can travel around the world and see all the good things you see in your eyes. What buildings, gardens, mountains and rivers, ethnic costumes and regional customs can be collected?…… Can be your object of plagiarism. These are only real parts, and another important part is the imaginary part. For example, some beautiful emotions, drunken brain flashes of graphics, dreams residue

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