Do stand the hardships of seven let the webmaster worry about things

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site will always encounter some frustrating, but sometimes worry is useless, as the saying goes "the emperor is not nasty eunuch nasty", although it is not good, but sometimes we really only stare in no way to think, here we summarize seven things let owners worry.

1, website operation for a long time, SEO is busy all day, busy to update, but Baidu is not the elderly pet, only included a home page, a snapshot is updated every day, but the rest of the page is not included, can see the spider climb the site every day, the content of the website also has links to adhere to the original less, but Baidu is not willing to a point, I think that many webmasters have

?This is the first point of

2, and instead, other pages included in the site, but is not included home page, if it is a new station that is normal, but if the old station operating for a long time, it is a dangerous signal, generally encountered such a situation would make a good many webmaster nervous a few days.

do not have to worry about 3, before two, the collection of all included, every day can also included immediately after the update, but new problems again, that is the ranking problem, to let Baidu included and ranking but do not go on. Always can not have a good ranking. This is the same webmaster headache thing.

, 4 new established, content is updated in a timely manner, a lot of original content updates out is some weight high website for acquisition in the past, have their original results of somebody else’s Web site was collected, and their station or as one of the stars in people can not find. This is the most depressing thing.

5, the operation for some time, but the PR value of the site and can not go up, and other people exchange links, because the PR value is low discrimination, it is estimated that it is a depressing thing. I believe that now the PR value is not the sole criterion for judging the weight of a web site, that is to say, the PR value of the impact of a site ranking is not great. This will let us these webmaster a little comfortable, although the influence is not big, but still want to have a high PR value of the site.

6, losing weight is a bottleneck, the same site is also included, as to a certain number of efforts for a long time or always wandering in the number, there is no way to add more included. This is undoubtedly another problem.

7, estimated that seventh things are people Dutch act impulse, do their own, also very hard, do not cheat, do not cause the search love thing, do not do things friendly to Baidu, but friends, is Links station to be compromised, search engine punishment this reduces the ranking than their endeavor is also useless results.

, these are the things I feel painful when I’m optimizing websites. Sometimes I have the idea of giving up. When you feel that everything is perfect and there is no fault

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