Analysis of four promotional strategies and methods of real estate portal

want to do network promotion work, we must first from the positioning of the site, planning and operation are analyzed, which specify the promotion strategy and collect promotion methods, here we come to real estate portal as an example to explain the specific promotional strategies! We hope to be able to help


1: talk about the strategy of website promotion

to specify the high quality promotion strategy, it should be from the positioning of the site, planning and operation aspects of the integration of existing resources, and then build a perfect service system! It takes full consideration of the content on the site before the official promotion, the whole process will affect the content of the website operation, in fact, these contents we often say that the strategy. These strategies often determine whether your website will get the ultimate benefit,


is our strategy from the beginning to the function of the website to meet the most basic needs, and then look at their own resources and innovation, how to determine the needs of users through the data set, and information interaction method to increase customer loyalty, the infrastructure is a prerequisite for network promotion, that is to say you have the shot’s products, can compete over others in the promotion of the time, and this is the focus of our products in the planning of the


two: promotion on the Internet

1: to spread through the search engine, which is currently very important promotion methods, because through the search engine can effectively improve the precision flow site, and use the search engine to promote the core is through the SEO, of course, light lifting in the search engine ranking is not what the important thing is how to build good content and screening of high quality long tail keywords


2: by channel and their similar website cooperation, such as their own channel on other website channel content, while other web related channel also put our website, which can form a powerful combination, integration of resources, to achieve accurate promotion needs! For our real estate portal can decorate channel to decoration site, our real estate related channel and then put on their website, so that nature can play a very good effect of


3: promotion through online activities, the benefits of promotion can effectively enhance user loyalty, promotion activities during the festival or we usually in some major activities, can often play a multiplier effect, such as real estate network is more suitable in the housing fair during the launch of various registration prize activities, thus attract a large number of


three: promotion under the Internet

There are

offline promotion way of many kinds, but the line promotion are not capable of precise type of marketing, mostly through advertising method, but this method can increase website traffic effectively, although the conversion rate was almost, but the effect is also good, such as through television advertising, like a donkey on the net, or.

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