Have you ever been fooled by the junk advertising alliance

to tell you the truth, Google and Baidu’s two biggest advertising alliances are the best. Google is not up to now, the rising star: A5 advertising alliance is also good, he is Admin5 Adsense network’s advertising alliance platform, the credibility is high. Good League is too small, garbage unions are everywhere. Many spam ads exist in the network, so many webmasters hate it. Because their code might contain a virus Trojan plugin. Their rich media, our AD is not healthy, adult information contains a lot of temptation.


as we all know, junk advertising alliance is a volume of fraud, an industry focused on fraud. How much money did you make in the garbage League?. So I hate these so-called advertising alliances. Webmaster Hello: what can you stand do advertising? In addition to hard advertising, no other. The website relies on these rubbish alliance, can die the website only. In the end, money can not be earned. They are fooled by them, and their websites become their tools for making money. The station has grown into a puppet of the advertising union.

Baidu search: liar alliance. It’s all about advertising alliance evaluation networks. In fact, many advertising unions spend money on recommendations on the Internet, and as a webmaster, it’s really difficult to distinguish between true and false. They need an advertising alliance to keep the site running, and when you run into a garbage League, you might be fooled by it. Some advertising alliance needs funds to reach 100 yuan, in fact, that you can not reach this figure, to reach your seal number, and serious deduction, very opaque. There are ads called IP traffic ads, POP advertising day knot. Monthly knot. When you finally checked out, you found out that he had shown it for free for so long, or that advertisers were simply evaporating.

These are the

cup, now online advertising and advertising innumerable, pop, display, video game advertising everywhere. What is more, the advertising alliance company through its following salesman, customer service personnel, one by one looking for those small Adsense on the Internet called cooperation. Call and QQ chat way, the general trend of the new webmaster, Webmaster: you should wake up! Advertising alliance, do Baidu alliance, A5 Adsense league. Don’t be fooled by the garbage cheater alliance! This article starts Chutian Adsense station www.chutianz.com reprint, please keep copyright!


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