The network continues to blow helpfulness honest and trustworthy is the foundation

            March 6th, a well-known website published a section entitled "white-collar online short video to create Lei Feng ‘Lei Feng’ is moving", this is a group of young people working in software co founded last year, the site has been realized by the owner and picked up the Lost City private information successfully docked more than 800 cases, therefore caused a warm response from users. They are all huoleifeng boast. In fact, similar sites have many before, Hebei, Dalian and Xiamen and other provinces and cities have also appeared similar "Lei Feng net" website, but in the end all to "collapse" end.

believes that the majority of Internet users to carry out such business site to facilitate the masses, can effectively and timely help users will not be necessary to minimize the loss, eventually to carry forward Lei Feng’s spirit of helping others, to ensure the interests of Internet users policy implement. However, some Internet users worry that their personal information registered by the lost and found will be made public and be used by malicious people. Therefore, privacy can not be guaranteed. At present, through the network to take personal information of the parties after fraud is also common. Many Internet users don’t even need to fill out real personal data when they see some kind of web service. These have become people’s objective barrier to the lost and found website.

in this materialistic age, many people will make others. Driven by the interests of users of this website is not seeking lost trust, always feel that the site founder may have lost by seeking for payment or other attempts. Therefore, this may be the reason why several previous websites failed to find a website. And perhaps precisely because of such reasons, such websites have disappeared in the vast network world. Lei Feng network again overturned this conclusion, trust is the root of the problem, to run and develop such website, first of all to make the public welfare service and be sure, Jane, is also the most important word of mouth. A good reputation can make you trust and depend on your website. Many people have lost something, if it is important, the owner will often turn to traditional media newspapers, radio and television stations, however Lei Feng and many other brothers website, it is doubtless to the people to provide quality services to more than one channel. Through the Internet effect, let such professional find out the public welfare website, use its own network resource advantages, free for the owner and want to do good people to provide a platform to serve the public.

"do your best to help others, as long as we stick to it, it will always be understood and accepted by people," Lei Feng’s staff said here. Personally, I think this is the embodiment of love, tenderness rendering, rather than affectation. Visible, honesty and trustworthiness is the cornerstone of building and doing a good job site. For our personal webmaster, the site may be a means of making a living, but the most important is a cause, a responsibility, a sense of social responsibility, take our side of the Admin5 station network, China station.

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