How to write personality in blog

the reason why I want to have an independent blog is because of the absolute autonomy of my website. It’s great, even more than being a father.

first look, from April 2nd to the beginning of today, almost 2 months now, as a simple summary, but also to friends to share some practical experience, if you feel useful, may wish to support more. A total of 65 articles published, Baidu included 104, Google included 170, PR is 2., the following is my recent writing independent blog ( experience:

first, independent thinking, armed thinking. If you have something to write, you must read more and think more. Without thinking, the status quo, and be out of touch with reality muddle along obscurantism, was the ruler of love. "It gave me free spirit Pakistan" is a deep understanding of what is called "left", what is called "right". My conclusion on this matter is that the only one that has absolutely no right and wrong, justice and evil, black and white, and only conflict of interest is politics. The details are not here. The pursuit of freedom and democracy and human rights is the natural right, can be directly copied really for national? Give them rights do not know what to do, but also as a direct worship leader to tell them what to do and how to live. Of course, perhaps the irrational system has made 30% people unhappy, but there are 70% of people do not feel or do not feel bad ah, so the irrational system still exists. Thought of here, that did not shout for all, and finally no one shouted for him, the priest’s epitaph should be on the stage. But people who knew the epitaph would probably not exceed 5%. Therefore, to let more people have a platform to learn and think, at least, is a way to break up these irrational institutions from the root.

two, master the right to speak. The civilization of white men is not necessarily civilized, and the world of blacks is not necessarily a savage. Only the economic development of the relative point, it is more able to disseminate their ideas and culture. For ordinary people, compared to the agencies, organizations, celebrities, their voice is too weak, but with such a platform, so that the gap was smooth, at least in the real world of the right sort out. The biggest impact of blogging, I can now think of is probably the impeachment of Clinton, and a comprehensive summary of the future to the historians. The right to speak, to the small office that can affect a person, on the other hand, may have political influence in history. This depends on blogger’s own efforts……

three, personal brand. Do not know how many people are holding money, famous for the purpose of writing blog, impetuous is a feature of the Internet, I hope that some people pay attention to nature is not wrong, after all, there are so few successful Bo placed there. They have maintained for many years, and maintained the frequency and quality of the accumulation of the results. Before the blog positioning, blog to talk a lot, I always think, to build a personal brand as the goal is the most reliable.

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