How to let WeChat chiefs recommend you

This method first

say it will make people have a flattering feeling, no matter that much and just want to put the method and experience for everyone to share and treasure. Because WeChat chiefs can also say that WeChat marketing leader, they have a loyal group of fans, they write WeChat marketing articles are tens of thousands or millions of reading, and a group of loyal fans follow them. If you want to WeChat fast growth fans, the method is a few, the most effective is to recommend the big brother, immediately add you WeChat, a day may be hundreds of people, or thousands of people are possible. Perhaps you will think so, I do not know big brother, big brother how to recommend me, is to be big brother " latent "?. This is not, after all, we are all cultural and content of the new era of people, we advocate a positive spirit of the new era. Then you will say that you are not equal to not say, how to let you take the initiative to recommend chiefs, now let Wenwu is all one by one.


1, looking for opportunities to know big brother

, we want to recommend ourselves for the big brother, at least the point is that we have to recognize the big brother, that is, we have to add big brother WeChat, and then chat with big brother. With the gangster WeChat do not send some validation messages very common such as Hello what are no talk to you, and when they find some bigwigs interested in topics such as big what products are selling is said to buy his products by 100%, no one would take away their potential customers this 100 test braun.

2, multi and gangster exchange

now many people add WeChat friends, just to increase the number of friends to meet their meaning, Yin heart, is to tell others I know a big brother, do not believe you see I have their micro signals. I should have studied and consulted WeChat marketing methods and techniques. For example, my WeChat has a lot of people asking me what products they sell on WeChat. You don’t know how I can know. If you ask the method and experience of marketing if I know I will tell you, the sharing of knowledge itself is obtained knowledge; Confucius said: " s " mean to review the learned knowledge and can obtain new understanding from experience; sharing with others can also expand their thinking.

3, the big brother as a case

like we do marketing, promotion is to write soft Wen to promote themselves and products, sometimes the article mentioned a point of view, direct use of words to express, relatively empty, readers can not very good understanding. It is best to illustrate our point in an easy to understand way. We all use cases to visualize this view. Let the reader see the point you want to express. Use the big brother as a case to illustrate the point we want to express, and mention the big brother as a case, and they’ll be happy to share and forward the article. Because it is also for them to do publicity, so that we can achieve publicity for our own purposes, you can also say

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