Thunder profit model Daquan99 online bookstores spring rebate doubled to 15%

active web site: 99read/subject/0801/song40.aspx

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

this advertising model, we never once mentioned, then Wangshu gave me a suggestion, you have to understand that so many human resources, have to download station all hands, such a high traffic, hundreds of thousands of traffic, you let us help you put your product advertising, the effect is certainly good however, I always feel feel shy, so I got a few iron, local resources, and then I made a picture advertisement in the above, this advertisement is "I am beautiful, want to get married, my is: XXX, general download, will add this , after the advertising effect after conversion time, very good.

four, invincible slot machines, gifts happy to send

new year activity, strong attack, surprise constantly:

1, picture ads.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

if >

99 New Year gift, low to your heart beat price. 2 yuan, 3 yuan, 6.6 yuan, a variety of heart, affordable price brilliant, infinite charm!

two, special offer spring, educated, non Mo "you be a brilliant man of wide learning, rat


in our group have engaged in training, thunder, do hotlinking has just started, soon, 3 days you can put up with the students, but soon finished, because the account is K, no flow, the students complained that, later had to buy items again training them.

only 49 yuan, you can exchange 3 books to make your heart; 89 yuan, you can change to the 5 long favorite book; 119 yuan, you can get 8 books and so on……

now, do hotlinking too much, because the thunder is characterized by the need to display the absolute address, so it is easy to be stolen for hotlinking, so thunder blocked badly now hotlinking, can basically do a few days on the OVER.

for many beginners, even the space do not know what is, if all of a sudden the operation of the server, but the server operation is very difficult, only to do download station, is the most stable, because resources are their own local resources are not hotlinking, welcome such resources to provide the station of thunder.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

1, hotlinking.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

2, its own server.

2, download content ads.


more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

two, profit model.

this method of operation is very simple, go online to search for methods of hotlinking resources to stand, and then do one, submitted to the thunder, you can get traffic through the audit.

one, operation mode.

can acquire bulk image ads, 10 thousand yuan IP50, for the download station, this money is free, so we can easily buy into these flows. In accordance with the Wangshu claim, is put on the text link ads here, as it is profitable, I have not tested this specific.


three, optional Spree: love books, choose

99 online bookstores spring family returns since 2008 01 months 30 days 12:00, 99 in the online bookstore shopping rebate doubled to 15%, the activities of the closing date in 2008 02 months 13 days 24:00, more shopping, more affordable, quick action!

has some friends, is doing the thunder training, but it is to do the local resources, this appearance, although the investment is big, technical difficult point, but after all, is a long-term project. Do the local server operation is the biggest difficulty, hotlinking.

dear League member:

I mean, friends who have a download station, please don’t ignore the picture ads, use the simplest text, pictures to achieve the most rapid temptation, so that others can see at a glance.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

one, Spring Festival super big gift certificate: 119 yuan for 39 yuan!

Note: the actual running time of the commission rate for 2008-1-30 12:00 in January 30th, 12:00-24:00 data will be temporarily according to the original standard 6% records, to end check results, the data will be during the period, according to the proportion of 15%. Please rest assured that members.

will be open before February 5th, please wait for

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: weiyi

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