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was the Lehman brothers and we grabbed the project, and the Lehman brothers signed the contract, but the company decided that Lehman was inefficient and chose us. We were also delighted, think the international big firms after the project is wrong, so we threw a billion.

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the key is that our understanding of consumer goods is different from that of others. Of course the beginning is comparable to others, we also believe that the agricultural products, telephones are consumer goods, but later found some characteristics of consumer goods does not have consumer goods, periodicity is very obvious.

in this issue, Sir will share your thoughts with Mr. Feng Weidong. As chief investment officer of the sky map capital, Mr. Feng Weidong participated in the day of all the project investment decisions, including weeks black duck, fruit plantation, mogujie, little red book, Braised Chicken, Dezhou Style such famous brand. His research is worth your time to read.



definition of consumer goods


investment institutions are willing to elaborate their lessons, this time I honestly share a. We voted for a Xiamen company in the early years. It produces wireless fixed line. Because the move going through the mobile network and fixed connection, no China Telecom based on the competition, so the enterprise growth quickly, 3 years will be 7 more than ten million profit.

mobile products to the customer what customers with what products, companies just sold out their capacity bidding, which is tender style consumer goods? In addition, we also do not understand technology, so when we go to the direction of technical judgment it is easy to make.

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everyone says that consumer goods are anti cyclical, but later found out not. How do we define consumer goods? That is, they have to use their own brands to control the products and services that consumers choose. This definition is actually very critical, it is paid tuition and painful lessons learned.

then began to go bad luck, encountered financial crisis, Lehman bankruptcy, A shares IPO stop, companies can not afford to run to Taiwan listed. At first, the Taiwan Stock Exchange was welcomed, and then it came to a halt. The worst is encountered in the mobile personnel earthquake, the order has been successful delivery of goods can not be implemented. Finally, inventory devaluation, overdue loans, bankruptcy and reorganization of enterprises, we lost a lot.

but not good luck is not the fundamental reason, the real reason is the production of fixed wireless is not consumer goods, it is in the mobile OEM brand, can not simply about consumer choice.



we do consumer goods investment, in fact, do is different from others.

how to use the brand strategy about consumer choice? This is a recent Sir in thinking about a problem, in the process of looking for answers, that Mr. Feng Weidong’s answer, inspired after reading.

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