Entrepreneurial environment is stagnant American technology start up companies finance the lowest in

is a private trading market will usher in growth in the start and end of the lows. But the recent decline looks too perverse. Marcelo Ballvé, an analyst at CB Insights, a market research firm, argues that the entrepreneurial market is shifting from a burst of 14 years of development to a more "normal" phase of development. Such changes should be global in nature. According to CB Insights data, as of now, start-up companies received $12 billion 900 million in financing, compared with $18 billion 700 million in financing for the same period last year.

is more consumers to see a free concert, which will be to spend several thousand dollars to see the concert of the customer base is different, which is why at this time our actions, buy number according to chat with the vendors vendors indicated that concert lightsticks were good sales, look down the I was with people who buy mostly not view across the years to see the concert, but parents with children feel the atmosphere, buy a hand fluorescence bar for small kids, or adults with friends to look at Taipei lively atmosphere to buy, the real concert group did not have a lot to do with me to buy glowstick.

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fuzzy focus: customer positioning should be clear, not allowed to engage in ambiguous

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in 2013, the author went to Taipei in to sell fluorescent bars in the booth. With this experience, I would like to give some advice to friends who want to start their business on the internet.

if you want to stall, find a few people can compare the proposed memory up assistance and selling would be better, so you will need a can encourage others to lobbyists, he must have the story of packaging, to attract talents to join the ranks of entrepreneurs. The movie "October besieged city" in Chen Shaobai is how to persuade Li Yutang? He is said to him: "the fire of revolution to Liaoyuanzhishi, then the whole China will the earth trembled and the mountains swayed a new world that is coming! The jade hall you think, so great action originated in here. And you are a part of them!" to a key partner of a dream, is to use material incentives to employees.

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good storyteller,

, in 2016, often heard venture capitalists say that many of their investments went beyond their budgets, especially when investing in unicorns with a valuation of over $1 billion. In the past few years, many mutual fund investors have also recorded stocks of start-up companies they hold, and some have even withdrawn their investments directly. In several big acquisitions, acquiring company’s valuation is far below its previous valuation. For example, when Hudson s Bay Co. acquired Gilt Groupe, the latter was valued at only 75% of its previous valuation. Also >

market is depressed is that political factors have made a great impression on investment decisions. The uncertainty about Silicon Valley policy by the new president, Trump, has greatly reduced the investment confidence and enthusiasm of venture capitalists. "We may have to face a lot of variables in the next four years," says Dennis Phelps, partner of Vc firm IVP. "That’s why it’s difficult for us to let go."". But he added, "on the other hand, it might be an opportunity."."

, the tech based Nasdaq composite index, has risen 13% since the election, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has topped the 20000 mark for the first time. Investors are optimistic about tax cuts, the release of more foreign funds and the reduction of regulation. At the same time, start-ups may benefit from these policy advantages. Low taxes and the return of American companies to production could make many start-ups take on more deals. But Trump’s other policy decisions could make startups even worse". If immigrants have a high proportion of start-up companies in America, anti immigration policies will leave these start-ups facing a shortage of talent.

, female sales rate at least in the eye-catching above did much better than men, nothing is fair or not, this is evidence that, had any of their own serious to sell on the line, in fact really hotty sell a lot, not to challenge the laws of nature, so if other friends want to do sales in the streets of the future, hotty sales this money it is understandable, many Internet platform has collected a lot of showgirl human intermediary like showgirl 104, new year’s Eve day basically, the age distribution of vendors to sell offset, playing card should be hotty there is a significant effect.


According to the data of

Startups Barometer platform Bloomberg records acquisition and financing, IPO, since mid December 2016, technology companies trading at record highs, the transaction related data has decreased by 37%. In particular, the current index of related trading is the lowest since April 2014.

is going to cross sell big sticks, in fact, go that day will find the real buy sticks who did not think much, this is my original idea in time a mistake: go to the new year’s concert with the people to star concert is different attributes, there are many in the new year’s concert in the stars not much, each person assigned to the time so many people go to see the fireworks star "instead of" support Idol ", how many people will not love their own people buy sticks to support him

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