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relies on the user’s "advertising" diversion

?What is worth buying a

company launched overseas purchasing platform in November 2016, Pui nest network, the site received orders from users, push it to buy platform. After the buyer grab orders, orders in overseas websites, and the goods through the cooperation of the transfer company to the user. The service fee is collected from the nest net.

in addition to helping electricity providers, diversion, pumping, besides, what is worth buying the website or mobile client also provides advertising display position, this is their way of realization. The above two are collectively referred to as "information promotion" services in the prospectus, and what is the most important profit model to buy at present?.

in micro-blog foster content, electricity providers, Ali also started shopping for themselves today, specializing in content shopping companies, how much space left

what’s worth buying the profit sheet

The fundamental difference between a ?

according to the prospectus, during the reporting period, the company’s main business income was 50 million 20 thousand yuan, 97 million 300 thousand yuan, 201 million yuan, respectively, in 2015 and 2016 growth rate of 94.51% and 106.73% respectively.

what is worth buying website page

this is what is worth buying one realizable way, with the way UGC website, allowing users on the site to share discount broke, recommended products, submission etc. the content, whether the editor will audit the contents of the user can send, through the audit, once someone by clicking this link to jump to the product page the website, can according to the transaction amount of commission.

Webmaster Station, goal is the key to success!


looking back on the year when personal websites were surging, what we discussed most was whether personal websites should be commercialized or not

main business constitutes

to open the page, you may think that this is a business website, but in fact, this is a shopping guide website, you click on a link to any products inside, will jump to the characteristics of the electricity supplier purchase page.

before the shopping guide website is now in transition, what is worth buying, how to continue to develop,

because the website is bigger and bigger, the resources occupied are more and more, the maintenance cost rises steadily. At this time, the innocent shouting "we will hold the purity" or "collect donations from everybody" is unable to solve the problem. As a webmaster, I suggest you think more clearly at the beginning.

next notice   commercial website is commercial reprint, please indicate two websites connection, thank you for your cooperation with

, however, what shopping guide website is worth buying, not only survived, these days also sprint IPO. According to the SFC website, Beijing is worth buying a company, submitted a prospectus, intends to land the gem.



personal website and a commercial web site is: do you want to make money on it?


with more information, please always pay attention to webmaster network www.admin5  webmaster interactive information network www.6B9G


company’s third business is the Internet effect marketing platform service

we encourage you to understand the boundaries between personal websites and business sites before making personal websites, so that you can avoid many detours and many problems when you are making personal websites.

profit model

many personal websites were small at first, but the more famous they become, the more embarrassing it is to be commercialized

according to the prospectus, in 2016, what is worth buying, the average daily contribution of more than 3000 discount information, 200 shopping Raiders and shopping sharing class original articles.

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