Talking about the 4 step to build a profitable websiteChen Shi Chong who died in the Red Sea diet pi

2, guide your visitor

many people want to sell their products to anyone, which is a mistake. Maybe everyone needs this product, but not everyone will buy it. So, you have to know who you are trying to attract your website. Ask yourself these questions:


if you are selling a book, you only need to build a simple sales website, the website only need one or two pages, you can on the page details of this book gives the reader the benefits, and links to "buy now". This is a simple and effective way to generate revenue through selling products on the website.


what do they read,

personally, I don’t think I’ll make any more of my weight-loss products. It’s just a waste of your time. Hard to do up, and met sh419 K station.

what age group are they in,


, I thought the weight loss product was a big competition and I didn’t do it. Later, I think, diet pills, diet products, competition, Taobao sold in large amount, should the conversion rate is very high! I know when I do it, I do not think so! Where no flow, not to mention the transformation? Slimming slimming products, etc. the long tail word competition! If you are a novice, there is no way to do! And so are all the same template, who wanted to sell, see tired! See more! Waking! sh419 K station! If you don’t know yourself to find a design template, this template, then are N people with the same N. If you make the template yourself, the platoon is sh419 first. Before long, people will copy your templates! They are the same again!

, do they have children,

traffic!The word "

started construction site in you, you should first consider the site, you used to do what, the description is very clear, this website is designed to sell products or services, provide information, or a demonstration project, for example, you sell fishing gear. Your site may include fishing enthusiasts articles, tips for catching bigger fish, and fishing equipment and supplies stores. This will be an example of a website that sells a wide range of related products.

a lot of Wangzhuan couple will encounter this problem, full of longing, have created a web site, thought that can earn the money, but instead, then we discussed in the main elements to make money online. For example, we sell products online, and each of us can sell products on the internet. And sales of products are regular, long-term profit projects, we all know, the real money to earn, is to sell products online. You can tap your products in Taobao, Jin Bao and other websites. There is always no lack of products on the Internet, and the lack of discovery. OK, now let’s discuss how to sell the product. We have 4 steps here.

are my clients male or female?

what are their interests? What about the benefits,

what level of education do they have,


" means an average of 1000 sh419 index. Crowd attributes accounted for: 30% men, 41% women, 59%, the most important is the occupation distribution, IT industry stood the largest proportion, this shows that search "weight loss drug" the word of the people, is the webmaster. There are 20 years of age, the population over the age of 40! The actual real search volume is very small so count down! Estimated weight loss drug 1000 sh419 index, plus some pan, are counted in the word, the word "slimming" body!, are actually 250IP, this is it complex! I do not understand! I have done the slimming products, made a very simple word, 60 sh419 index. sh419 first. In front of four or five promotion, a month, also came four or five IP, want to earn 50 yuan, super difficult

if you want to take a visitor in your website, you can put in on the website, the essence of the article, let visitors easy to find your website is the essence of the article, otherwise, the visitors don’t see what they want to see the information, will soon go away. If you buy a product, the product flow must be clear, it is best to make a picture, step by step to guide customer operations.

diet pills is fire, very yellow, very violent, very profitable! Everybody knows! A lot of money, is not able to make money? Certainly not! Why would so many people sell drugs? And do the station call single page a lot is the same! Don’t you stop before sh419 K I want to blame, is sh419, I have K. Uniform, slimming products list, weight loss drug list is Jiang Hui! Teach? Some of the long tail word about weight loss products almost finished, one does not leave! Before selling slimming products is very profitable, almost will be able to make money! Do it now slimming products, you have no natural rankings to sh419 three, is almost no money! sh419 promotion, 6 in front of you, then down almost 0


3, clear your target market,

a project, only 1% of people think that can make a lot of money, 90% that can not make money, 9% of people think that may make money. This project is sure to make a lot of money because 90% of the people don’t understand N. 9% of people know something about it. When 90% of people think they make money, it’s definitely not profitable

I think a truth:


, a friend of mine said to me. "My website pays for it every month, but I don’t make any money. Do not know why".

When ?< >

1, understand the purpose of your website

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