Detailed over enterprise website orders Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster should do

has a lot of customer friends told me that a certain website optimization company promises how long your keywords can get the first, but to the commitment period when they can not achieve their promise, finally settle accounts and get angry. In fact, this can not blame all the website optimization company irresponsible, because the reason why this happens, most of the time is the site optimization company’s own judgment, to optimize the difficulty of uncertain, blowing cattle but can not be achieved, so this will give us a wake up, in the order must be optimized to promise your period according to the actual situation of the site, this is only the most basic conditions of course, the key is to optimize the plan of Shanghai Longfeng personnel need to develop a reasonable.

gives users a "reliable" commitment

is far from enough, correlation between the external links is also very important. Is not to say that the high weight of the site will be able to put a new band together, these are not money can solve the problem (because some owners say they are not bad money, and exchange we need to find the high weight of the site of a chain), the chain is reasonable and relevant is the most suitable for us, because of this friends of the station can not only meet the hardware needs to be optimized, but also further enhance the user experience, can be said that the biggest help to our website. Generalized correlation is also very important, because the SEM future will replace the Shanghai dragon become optimization of the main people heart is an indisputable fact, but some people in Shanghai Longfeng >

Optimization of

the webmaster industry shout too hot, whether it is a boy of more than 20, or a more than 40 year old middle-aged people, we all want to achieve their "million dream" in the Internet and everyone praise, from daily contact with customers will be able to see the author, we value high expectations for the website optimization. But to tell the truth to the enterprise website orders, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners want to pick up, and don’t want to answer, don’t answer it. This is a piece of fat is not willing to pick up the enterprise website is the most difficult, I also know that this kind of psychological tangle you. So today according to some experience about their corporate website orders, what should we do?

no matter how tense, website optimization to "correlation" and linked to

Of course, the correlation of

enterprise website is very large, it is well known that a website like just a few days ago to do, update 25 articles in the optimization of early every day, but also to ensure the original article, even false original will not work, even when we are together the chain Commissioner to write the manuscript, but even is this work, we have no slack in their work, but also to ensure that each article is related to a user’s keywords, because we know that the correlation between importance for website development, to be honest we get some false original article, plus the appropriate keywords can also, but in the new period, we must create a spider a good cognitive atmosphere, so the relevance of the essential content.

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