Google plans to punish the excessive use of search engine optimization technology website

"we’re trying to be noble baby Bot becomes more intelligent, so that we can provide better information, and we are also trying to find those who abuse it, for example, there are many keywords in a web page, or exchange of too many links and some others not operate in accordance with the normal practice of the website."

Schwartz, said the changes will begin to affect the search results over the next few months or a few weeks later, although the official Google has made no official comment on the matter.

It is reported that

reports, Google is currently planning to punish the excessive use of search engine optimization technology website. Google search engine Barry Schwartz released a recent southwest South Talks group to discuss the video clips in the video Matt Cutts made a discussion on this plan.

it is understood that Google is considering in order to ensure the "excessive use of search engine optimization techniques (Shanghai Longfeng) sites and those with very high satisfaction between the website" fair, just ready to take such measures, Schwartz quoted Cutts said.

March 19th news, according to foreign media reports, a Google engineer said Google is currently preparing to assemble its search engine equipment, as a result of excessive use of search optimization technology website without completely agree it’s hard to win.

the Wall Street journal earlier this week that Google will begin the search of a hitherto unknown system with the renovation, the renovation of the field will include semantic search, search engine optimization, including some changes, advertising, and web page ranking results.

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