Analysis of the causes of the site to drop right the first case analysis of linkage


a website if the flow suddenly exploded, so it is necessary to analyze the reasons, is likely to be malicious brush flow, although now the site itself, traffic is not high, but in the last two weeks suddenly appeared almost more than 30 American IP, although after the analysis is different.


linkage Hardware Electrical City this site included was removed in July 1st, left home in August 17th, when the keyword ranking dropped, after analysis, the cause of the site is down right are mainly in the following aspects:


website shall not be modified, but to meet the user experience to modify the reasonable, reasonable modifications to the title ranking will give benefits, but a title change may be causing the site to drop right. But the station had to carry out such operations, if you read the collected before know, it title have done bad, you open this page You’ll see. included 贵族宝贝, title in JCSGTZ023 is not a product type, but their internal product number, rather Speechless, even if such included is useless, users do not search, the page title is the ideal product, brand + product + type + site title.

linkage Hardware Electrical City this site although there is no Links this section, the webmaster tools chain link detection, there are a number of outbound links (pictured), you open the web site can also be seen in the bottom and the head of navigation here is the export link position.

1, link weight loss, and Links involved right down


products title

A modification of the The first The similarity of It’s not

2. web page similarity is too high

pages and pages of a web site more than 80%, the search engine will think this page is copied to another page, other pages will not be included, even convicted of garbage pages, website quality and credit degree will decline. Change the page similarity website very much in more than 90% pages of very poor quality, so that included is deleted.

brush flow


and even do links total weight loss. It can be seen from the figure, the ldtoolcn贵族宝贝 site has been K off love Shanghai, right in the fall of possibility is very large.

The first


3, the title of the website (the home page, the inside pages of the title change)

page similarity

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