Explain how to do web site keywords optimization

build chain system, reduce the rate of jump out. Updated after the round (i.e. the corresponding key word article keywords >

first, of course is the first station, and then is outside the station outside the station analysis, here the analysis includes the analysis of competitors. This part I will not repeat them, there has been related instructions before my personal blog article. But then speak more subtle, more generally, is that there is no way to give specific today, will give you the following how to optimize a word.


library and the library to create the title of the article. Here needs to create the corresponding article title and article database according to the key vocabulary, simply put, is to write a number of articles, the article title and content around the key words to create the best original, pseudo original can also be. If according to my habit, I will be the first step to do a thesaurus form excel, the second step to do a keyword and title table, to write the corresponding article according to the title of a library, the library.

Objective: This article is on the list and well done can skip, mainly addressed to start the list but not the best way to find the Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon Er best method not found: the premise are stable in all aspects of the site, the server, the word index below 2000 you do not go up.


every day to do the 10 chain. In our post at the same time, we also consider the problems included, so according to the current search engine (mainly refers to the love of Shanghai) algorithm, do the 10 chain I personally recommend every day is enough. As for the chain is only our website (the preferred domain), or a list of pages to do, or home page, list page, the content will be done? This problem in my search column have been analyzed, the charge can see: "two the width of the chain construction site need to pay attention to".

The The

website thesaurus. First, we use the long tail word mining tools, dig out all contain "Xiamen Shanghai dragon" keywords, such as: Xiamen Shanghai Xiamen Shanghai dragon dragon consultants, optimization, Xiamen Shanghai dragon company, even the Xiamen Shanghai dragon Li Shaocong and so on. The keywords were selected, we need to leave (you want to find your visitors through those words). Small website with a small dictionary is enough, the words in the thesaurus are optimized to also quite niubi. As for the large and medium-sized website, taking into account the layout, user experience and other factors, there is also a need for semantic and word segmentation of the words in the thesaurus.

articles published regularly and update. If is the enterprise website, the above do I have two articles updated daily, absolutely enough. Every day more than good, and if you are impatient, disposable hair done that… You changed it.

tutorial (in the "Xiamen Shanghai dragon" for example):

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