How soft can improve the keywords ranking

1, to be the title of

first look at piaffe website is mostly done! There is no doubt that around content around is the webmaster in work, but they only know how to write text and update the content, and no consideration of how to improve the soft keyword ranking. Every day will write a soft release on the website, then add links in the press release station, station information platform, and then wait for the collection, as long as there is included that be accomplished, day in and day out and look back, keywords ranking did not change, do is useless! Don’t deceive you to say, odd million small is also done this.

keyword ranking?

. Simple and crude soft is usually very direct marketing, more gorgeous packaging, more highfalutin, counterproductive. Now the advertorial content so rude is impracticable, but users can enjoy beautiful euphemism. In the construction of a soft text, the best keywords to do for.

love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, efforts to crack down on the soft is not small, the basic nature of the promotion will be significantly with soft rapid filtration, even with the link of the news website also bluntly punishment, once you don’t know how to have the skills to write text, and bring the link to release, will become Shanghai’s love the object of punishment, so it will not increase keyword ranking is a normal phenomenon! So, soft Wen should how to write in order to enhance the

write text but also is a skill that the original, at least in the current web content can not be divorced from the original. However, these factors affect the ranking by the original soft in love Shanghai in the search engine can be summed up as follows: user relevance, title and content search needs, timeliness, authenticity and integrity of the content is rich, only satisfy these conditions, we talk about how to write the details of detailed analysis. These webmasters need to slowly realize constantly writing honed in the focus of the next billion network Xiaobian is strange to say, enhance the website ranking soft written text from the following points: starting

2, write

after love Shanghai to promote a major adjustment, website natural rankings get more opportunity to show, shows important natural ranking function. Because of this, Shanghai dragon Er is the important mission of the site, when the keywords ranking couldn’t get on, crazy, adhere to the content and the chain, why not? Website writing is not good enough? The chain may have no quality?.


. The title for the promotion of soft paper and whether the site concerned is essential. On site title, as far as possible from the user’s perspective, to simulate the user may search the title form according to written content, generally the main keywords in this narrow range, so it is necessary to expand to the long tail keywords. Keywords such as "odd billion network to enhance the Guangzhou website construction" rankings, so soft around the keywords can be titled as "Guangzhou website construction company is the professional to make a big fuss?".

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