A5 marketing the influence of water marketing on B2B site how much

for the operation of the B2B webmaster, B2B the survival situation and future development of various difficulties has become a B2B industry, some owners said B2B couldn’t operate it, love Shanghai K it; some owners said, now the B2B and the medical station do not have what distinction, are filled with low quality content a large number of people; more said that the future of B2B has been unable to develop, every day to search engine spam B2B site in the course of time will have been a wide range of right down. Of course, these are rumors on the network, not many webmaster will believe. However, the current situation of B2B really makes many owners worry, some B2B site has been down right by the K station, such as the world factory and Marco Polo, the two B2B flow down a lot, there is also some unknown B2B, is also love Shanghai heartless injury, which makes the operation of B2B owners had to pay attention to and fear.


A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng team responsible for annual B2B diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai Longfeng /zhenduan/? Hz) service, help a lot of integrated type and subdivision type B2B to successfully recover and enhance the flow right down. So from the point of view of experience, most of the B2B in water marketing, resulting in B2B may become garbage sites, this is a small thing for the webmaster, as long as the site to make money, the other is no need to worry. But the B2B webmaster want to know, this is often the most deadly B2B place, now Shanghai has love towards the user experience and search experience, love Shanghai website has low quality content is not allowed, even if not B2B or other sites as long as there will be out of luck. Therefore, great effects of water marketing on the B2B site, there are security risks are also very much. So, B2B webmaster in content to do a good job, then the author gives some considerations, only B2B reference station. Of course, if five points below, you have the B2B, webmaster can make corrections from right down the pain.

, a webmaster to strictly control the content of

so far, you can find love in Shanghai on B2B more and more strict, anxious to be part of B2B to crack down, and according to incomplete data show that the B2B site is down right, there are more than 95% of all because it was right down, B2B content is down right is the low quality of garbage the content of user experience, no content, just like the medical station, so as to reduce the love of Shanghai, right on some serious B2B, there may be a part of the webmaster do not know their B2B what is right down. Of course, in addition, according to some hearsay that love Shanghai this year on the B2B website content management is very strict, if the content of the website is very poor quality, the low quality of the page, the user making garbage to the search engine, then the B2B must be love Shanghai right down.

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