Data analysis to avoid targeted nose eyebrows evolved

analysis of what kind of online promotion way? And then according to the results, choose the effective way of promotion. For example, for the shop, and the promotion of forum micro-blog promotion benefit is different, through data analysis, grasp the difference for the same product in different ways of promotion, on the effective way to increase efforts to promote, to no effect to abandon.

we know that online marketing also inseparable from the right, above the main part is the interpretation of Austria, then it should be through the data analysis, grasp the day. Network promotion way with channel is to flow, because the flow of products can be decided with the website more people see, so good election platform, should choose the next time, what are the most effective promotion time, whether it is the new forum micro-blog or brush speed is very fast, just released in the post will soon be replaced by other information, so the data analysis can know what the most effective time to release information, what time to comment on top, can get better user traffic; for example some love spread through the QQ group, because QQ is currently the best online users of instant messaging, and even if we are in the same the QQ group promotion, "

what kind of marketing channels is better? For example our Forum promotion, we will not only publish information on a forum, but will choose the relevant forum at the same time, but not every forum user group is the same, visibility and shadow each forum force is low, so after data analysis, we can choose the most effective marketing channels, the focus of attack, to prevent the eyebrows beard grabbed — confuse.


data in our online promotion has been playing a key role. I will take many as military data analysis is regarded as an air force corps in the early warning aircraft, an air force corps no matter how advanced fighters, if there is no warning for the enemy reconnaissance, battlefield reconnaissance, air command and so on, so are some flies, play no real power. There are online marketing, many enterprises have love nose pushed his eyebrows in the data analysis, limited to the analysis of website recently IP and PV changes, conversion rate and so on, few companies can do real targeted data analysis

All kinds of online promotion way The best


Analysis of

now, there are many models, but is the same pattern and have the same resources, different product marketing effect is not the same, now many companies will also use a variety of ways to promote, such as e-mail marketing, micro-blog marketing, forum marketing and so on, but not all ways of promotion the benefit is the same, the beginning is blunderbus, what way to try something, but for a long time in the past, but he is not economic, so then we need data analysis, online promotion for data analysis.

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