How to let the spider fans on your site


we have to do is to improve the quality of the contents in the station

3, the semantics of the text of the article needs to be user-friendly, natural, not false original.

, the spider need patience

!In fact, our

we do webmaster or provide service to the people of Shanghai dragon or to be thorough on spiders this little thing touch! Let her to you our hell-bent! Internet is like a giant network, search engine spiders to get through our website, which she climbed to the site, it means the snapshot update, included increased. So how to let the spider more favor their own site, this paper will detailed introduce to you.

is the chain construction and optimization of network chain. The construction of the chain we can publish the article in some high quality BBS, blog, website with links, can also attract spiders outside method through traditional Links. Internal link optimization, we need a reasonable design of our robots.txt file, use the nofollow or iframe shielding some unnecessary content framework, the content in adding related content links and so on, to create a "spider

before we attract spiders, we need to understand its preferences, spider search index of index as a tool, is the original content of love is very high quality. Only this can impress her heart. Imagine your content the higher the quality, the spider will feel more "delicious", the spider will more the favour of your site.

your website is seen not content included, snapshot not update? Estimates that every webmaster or Shanghai dragon and have encountered such a situation. This situation is not up to your spider site. So when we encounter this kind of situation we should do? My experience in that case we need a good mentality. Is the most important thing we do in a good state of mind in the process of optimization. This time we must hold the line, analysis of the recent operation, find the reasons caused the spider disgust, and regain the favor of spiders make your site through a series of operations. A good attitude is the basis for Shanghai dragon Er, so I will put this in the first three elements we attract spider.

two, after we give the spider a delicious food, will give him a nest, let her eat the rest! We are going to give her to her, ‘networking’ to

two, a delicious food to the spider.

1 is the content of the original, search engines love original content, if you are a reprint it included the weight of high site, and not pay attention to you, so as a webmaster, take some time to write the original article.

2, the number of articles, for spiders of course we cannot too stingy, as the best in more than 500 words.

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