Buy 10 notes external links

eat hot tofu: should not be a one-time purchase of too much

buy a link, not premature closing link

is now even the wife can be fake, the chain also say. The PR hijacked, link farms and other special methods to get the true weights of the site has a lot of. So webmaster in the purchase of the chain must pay attention to, a good sense of the authenticity of the site, don’t be cheated all don’t know. In fact, do not need to worry about PR hijacking, PR query site now usually comes with features of authenticity detection pr. Note that the link farms, and hung up the black chain site. In addition to the black chain, sesame also does not recommend you to buy, so the black chain can easily affect the weight of the website, the website directly caused by search engine K off.

if a website of the rapid rise of the chain, then buy enough quantity and quality. The best method is indeed a crash. However, everything is positive for the purchase of There are both advantages and disadvantages., external links so many benefits, and a lot of his shortcomings. I personally think that the purchase of external links is feasible, but before the purchase must pay attention to some issues of principle.

not to buy black chain, beware of fake

external links more, the higher the quality of the site, the more favorable

some companies or Internet companies, with deep pockets, adequate financial resources, one-time purchase of a large number of external links. At the same time, if too much Links, especially new sites, it is easy to be convicted of cheating directly K off. Therefore, the initial purchase of the chain, we recommend the purchase amount of sesame, then gradually increase the number of the chain. For example, today buy 1, buy 2 tomorrow, the day after tomorrow to buy 4 of this. Step by step, it is the most reliable method.

many friends will make an honest mistake, that is to buy the link, found that the weight of their own website up, immediately stop the link renewals. In fact, this should not be, because the weight of the website will decrease as the link removed, and once removed too many links, search engines will directly be convicted of cheating, and K off site, before the fight will be cast to waste. General sesame recommends buying link at least 3 months or more, to ensure the stability of the link. In addition when removed the link, a successive withdrawal, and.

has a lot of friends that the chain can open every day, mass, dead mass, post, message, blog and other construction waste. Although the number of the chain has a lot of weight, but always do not go on. In fact, the reason is that the judge is not according to the weight number of a web site outside of the chain to decide, but according to the quality of the chain of the site. The chain of low quality, the chain number is also not too high, but the chain of high quality, even just a few outside the chain, the weight can also get good, that is to say, the number of the chain, then the chain of high quality, so will your site more weight.

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