Analysis of shell insect health mall site operation experience

is not the Ministry or search engine of the pharmaceutical industry is high, need to have regular medical mall operating procedures, attached to other business platform marketing may not get the trust of users, so the pharmaceutical industry self independent brand operation, can achieve better effect of brand promotion. At the same time, its own brand of professional service is better than the third party product website. Pharmaceutical official website mall operation mode and other e-commerce platform is basically similar to that of the establishment of independent brands, enhance brand awareness with the corresponding means of marketing, the official website mall to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the mall must provide complete user protection scheme and return service, as consumers show with national certification, to ensure consumer safety and consumer awareness.

is the independent brand for the pharmaceutical mall, has its own industrial chain.

mall operators

The choice of independent

medical industry different other daily consumer goods, the user may have on the quality of consumption worry, mall operators early can implement O2O marketing mode, online sales of products under the line of cooperation the pharmacy consumers do not trust the products, reduce the sales in the mall during the full service, until the user to get the products, improve the mall the user psychological reputation, shop early without a stable loyal customers, O2O marketing mode is the most reasonable operation method, whether it is from the brand marketing or customer flow conversion, is to further improve the conversion rate.

B2B direct sales model

with the healthy development of the Internet, the standard search engine for the pharmaceutical industry are increasingly high, like Taobao and other major electricity supplier platform is also involved in pharmaceutical sales, but most of the unqualified failure. Medical care business I think to build its own platform, operating its own brand agency. The independent operation of the "shell insect health cosmetics mall order" is from their own brand to start, regular website operation mode brings certain profit, practical experience to share some of the site operation.

O2O is a combination of online and offline mode

B2B marketing mode is the most traditional business operation mode, case study of Alibaba’s major electricity supplier website operation is successful, the e-commerce model is the most strict sense, e-commerce is the most traditional and core mode, direct sales business model to find a suitable mall upstream supply, find the corresponding the products of the business cooperation, the product directly into the mall sales platform from which to strive for certain trading balance. With this kind of marketing website, you first need to find the upstream supplier of pharmaceutical products, the platform needs to find downstream direct consumer groups, or distributors, operators, increase the cost of intangible mall, not only selling products, but also to find the corresponding supply demand, is generally not recommended to use this medicine store operation the way.

online direct sales of products

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