The three common black hat technology secret summary

I think a lot of Shanghai dragon ER should understand forum signature to promote a certain role in the rankings, and forums can also achieve the same effect, so there are specialized programmers developed a forum mass tool through dozens of blog address cross link, so as to guide the search engine spiders to crawl the site, a lot of say what a minute fast included new, actually is the use of this technique.

The content of this article

third: battle group of black hat techniques

three common black hat technology secret is composed of Web site optimization and after six months I learned a lot of new people in Shanghai, in fact, when the Dragon accidentally used the black hat techniques, but was unaware, resulting website was love Shanghai loyalty in a few weeks, so avoid this situation want to go to understand the black hat techniques.

: the first black hat technology blog

Technology Forum

"I want the first row which keywords, it must first", this is a huge battle group, but now there are so many fake battle group software, the software battle group through the wheel chain way to achieve a fast, fast included the effect of the rankings, but in this way to break up in the new site. Love the sea ranking, can only last about three days, so these people are to win, this is one of the most popular black hat techniques.

blog, I think a lot of people do not really understand, there are many novice will establish a dozen blog to promote the rankings in the blog in Shanghai dragon, the most common well-known blog is NetEase, love Shanghai, Sohu, and Sina, the five bokee贵族宝贝, were cross link each other through the establishment of a number of blogs, reprint others article content to add anchor text links, and a blog link round now very popular belongs to the black hat techniques.

The so-called black hat

second: black hat

more than three black hat technology I learned in the study of Shanghai dragon, the most common and most in need of attention is the black hat Technology Forum and blog black hat techniques, a lot of new Shanghai dragon ER are imperceptibly used in this two kinds of black hat techniques, the original article from: 贵族宝贝liaotianb贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source, in addition to remind you later in Shanghai Longfeng should pay special attention to these two kinds of black hat techniques.

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