The new operating jade 3 months before the three Shanghai words of love

third: link

because I have some knowledge of the identification of jade and jade industry, love, so we continue to choose to do jade class website, I love Shanghai through the index analysis, and did not choose the high index of jade, because I was new, I want to make sure the flow rate is too high, people, row not as a ranking index, rather do Zito do:! So I chose jade and jade jade species identification, as a keyword, results proved my position is correct, these three words and remember the love of Shanghai index showed that flow is about 20 thousand, and in addition to other jade two words of the competitiveness is not strong.

I remember two years ago the temptation of friends began to do a website, the website that make a lot of money, so buy their first www.52yushi贵族宝贝 domain name is jade, but the beginning is always the hardest, the middle did not do, May 2011 has a lot of personal time, put up with the domain name, see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge in A5, it is a pity that I haven’t learned what stupid, but I still decided to try


people said the chain for the emperor, this is my advantage, several friends help me station to do a few links, the catch noble baby PR update, all I easily PR 2, behind the run, I find the basic jade around PR2 will do friends chain and I do, links in the chain do I not like many newcomers like regardless of industry, I choose and I like, such as jade jade jade station, station, friends of the forum and the like, and I don’t care about PR, I only see updates included and ranking. For >

second: the content of the

is the first to look at the statement, I was new, but also is the legendary rookie, in Shanghai on the Dragon did not understand. Multiple keywords jade do love Shanghai but I was the first in 3 months. The following recently my methods and experience.

: the first positioning problem

can not be ambitious, especially newcomers to more down-to-earth, do.


original content and keywords correctly placed will let you in an invincible position

well, I just add articles corresponding to the column, although is new but the search engines love original content I know, so I use my hobbies and expertise to add hundreds of articles of the original article, of course, this is not a one-time addition, about 1 month Caifen batches. After the basic every day there are about 3 articles in the article, I put the keywords assigned to the beginning and end of the middle, especially the first words in bold, this is the friend said, but the main keyword technology or how to operate the article, actually this skill in A5 there are many, I only borrowed. Unexpectedly, the effect is very good.

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