Share each Shanghai dragon Er should learn to use the principle of search engine

as a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, light has some optimization theory of knowledge is not enough, especially in the era of love Shanghai all by optimization algorithm ", don’t try to understand and use the basic principle of the search engine is not stable, the website ranking on the home page to do. I entered the optimization industry has been three years, in addition to optimizing the knowledge accumulated a certain number, I will go to study in Shanghai amateur love search engine of some primary and simple principle, so as to enhance their level of awareness of the website optimization. As a share of the love of Shanghai dragon Er, today the author to share with you some useful love Shanghai basic principle of search engine knowledge and how to use these knowledge to optimize our website.

web content is the core and soul of the site, determine the core quality judgment of a website is the website.

if the search engine robot is a spider, so our website is a huge network, and the chain is only with the aid of spider silk, spider silk can let the spider crawling more in-depth, more comprehensive. In the usual optimization, we must pay attention to the construction of internal links, to provide more and more closely link the entrance for spiders. The most common technique is to add one or more links to relevant articles at the bottom of the article, as follows:

third: improve the quality of content, let the spider love your site

of course, the chain deployment can not be too much, must be natural, do not casually do things, too much is not natural in the chain will cause the spider antipathy, even causing the site to drop right.

: the first to make a reasonable chain network, let the spider crawling more deeply love Shanghai

a rich website will contain many elements, such as pictures, flash, advertising, scroll bars, HTML, CSS and so on, these elements are in fact can be optimized, the following is the author of two suggestions:

love the search engine spiders will follow a sequence of steps is agreed in the collection of web pages, web crawling is probably -> crawling -> index pages -> release ". Let the author and simple analysis about it all.


second: optimization of page elements, let the spider crawl the page more efficient

(1) must be compressed before uploading. Many webmaster do not take pictures before uploading the habit, this habit is very inappropriate. The correct approach should be compressed through the mapping work on the picture, the picture volume minimization, so as to let the spiders crawl faster.

(2) CSS lite and JS code. Here the webmaster need to understand a little knowledge of CSS and JS code, the code of merger and reconstruction tedious and redundant, of course, can also be implemented using open source tools, the author introduced one by one, you can own love Shanghai.

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