The actual post drainage techniques share watercress



author to write this technique drainage from three points with specific examples:

strengthen and interested users of communication, but not very common, half an hour back (from the analysis of the above 2

) The

1. is applied to each group: the topic of concern what kind of (do data statistics)

4. and the user replies (this is very important, because the) starting from the interactive perspective:

1. requires a master (Post Master), watercress, watercress with more than 20 thousand groups (at the same time we should improve the account information) this is our beginning at least do (key comparison: the reason is very full of information to improve the group administrator will not think that is a generalization of


3. other vest (use): the purpose is to no one reply as reply (reply: the perspective of skills from positive and negative reply) can make tube group >

The interaction of

most replies, each post recovery time (from the angle of time can be seen active in this group) to analyze whether the band can be connected or some station connection (if you can, need to start from the third point

2. see

3. is ready before the two points is very important, then I take into the analysis for each group (this very important)

3. ready to write about a topic related posts (group characteristics on posts: 1. can analyze the team posting and the basic language of 2. with watercress style language to write promotion posts 3. topics to be introduced, to enrich the content (author: the drainage way has a post is the question sentence title, content of literary style feel the way propulsion))

2. the main account need to pay attention to some people, also prepared about 10 vest (the same information perfect (can not all))


is a bean lovers, believe that many webmaster and I love the same attention of watercress, watercress, watercress love such a Aleax ranked 123, with a strong user stickiness of Web2.0 website. 80, 90, 00 after the accumulation of user groups, in such a large group of users here should be how to promote good such a platform, which is a lot as a promotion personnel issues before writing this article also looked at about the watercress promotion related articles, but some are not particularly specific. I want to go through such a post to do the analysis of drainage watercress combat skills, reflect the bean power, hoping to do watercress related website personnel have some help. Good! Together after the author’s pace into the title of

2. page page that the user more strengthen, see this post so lively yongcu come in, making certain the illusion is not interested in other people to join the ranks.


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