Reflection on the new exchange Links after failure

recently used tools are analyzed to find the station station, there are some wrong links, "there are a lot of redundant information, and not high quality of the external links etc.. For some small reasons, very simple changes can come, but always stuck to a problem for me is the high quality of the external links. For such a small case, my first thought is excellent and Links exchange site. But the reality is that many of the best sites are not willing to exchange and a new Links, a new weight low, prone to error optimization many reasons.

in the optimization of the station, continue to test a little of their own to learn and a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon, look in the end there is no use. Also in continuous learning, continuous practice, hard work pays off, there is one and a half the ideal results, however, make me confused is the key that my site has been in the search engine search keyword first and second pages of wandering, no progress, no matter how hard, have always been like this the.

try holding the attitude, to the Links plate for each forum intention can exchange Links webmaster. Simply don’t find the Pr value high site, and your site to find some similar, the high correlation Links exchange site. Really did not expect to find two owners, are very good webmaster, have two years of experience in this industry, very happy and I exchanged Links. At that time the feeling is really very lucky on the first day of the exchange of two Links. After the success of the exchange, every two days to check the link, or good hang on their website, the psychological still rejoice. The website for second days from the second page Jump to the search engine home page eighth.

however, a week later, and when Links inspection found the problem: the first stationmaster, obviously already secretly delete the link, then the first exchange Links I just failed, he also good for others to do a one-way link, is in general you do Links. Each other in a certain period of time secretly removed, and you became a one-way link. So here is a reminder, to regularly check the friendship link; second webmaster, Links is still very happy, feeling the webmaster good, the tool checked, the Links >

a month ago he built a small site, this site is mainly used for Taobao customers. Because I know how much a little knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon began to optimize this station. Shanghai Longfeng work all know that every day is to send some original or false original content, then good website internal links and external links, check the contents of the collection. One and a half down have a little bit of success, a big competition key also get good rankings in the noble baby. To tell the truth, for a novice rookie, this ranking is very exciting for me.

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