Teaching new site eight site to the user experience is king

novice tutorial courses to learn and basically can make a website for fun, but now each site is the most important user experience this fast, because a good web site user experience is certainly very high and good, only to a website the user to enhance the impression of web traffic and user stickiness will gradually rise.

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(broadcast movie heaven 贵族宝贝520dianying.net) original, reproduced please indicate the source.

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for the new site is too much and too much knowledge need to slowly learning and exploration, including Shanghai Longfeng optimization and promotion and user experience here android as the key, but the concept is strong, without a specific way of thinking and everything is on their own to explore slowly, today we will then "teaching new site seven: Shanghai dragon" several important steps to optimize the learning website today to the user experience is king of course.

technology can give Adsense website bottom or a prominent position to add a user feedback message system, this system can be used to make some suggestions and opinions collected from some users, we also know what are the deficiencies which need local site improvements and modifications, only in this way can we to listen to the views of others to more perfect my own shortcomings.

website user experience there are many places you can do today are not all illustrated here, just to give you some inspiration to the webmaster let everyone know the user experience is important, so we daily update and maintenance of the future we are going to take the user experience to join in, the only way we can further webmaster and site the development of good.

first of all, we should learn to put the whole content to improve the quality of the website, we must update their updated content to read and check a few times, see the updated content is not the existence of some problems and some of the statements are not fluent in the phenomenon, and we have to do the contents of natural products.

advertising delivery and layout is also very important, now there are many websites placed love pop-up ads and some type of advertising fraud, in fact, these are very and user experience Optimization for search engines also have a great impact, we stand to built a long since their income so I it is recommended that you put love Shanghai alliance, Google union advertising, after all, is the company’s advertising effect and reputation is very good.

The overall layout of the site is also the first The original manuscript by

to the user feel new, so we should put on the front page of the site to do a simple, allowing users to enter the site first feel cleaner so that users are interested in to browse on the inside pages of the site at the same time should be simple, especially don’t remember site to add some background color and font flash, because it is easy to cause a mess of visual errors.

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