Study of the five aspects of the Shanghai Dragon

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so, learn basic skills, is a member of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should grasp, especially beginners.

website ranking is open, we can take any peer ranking good site analysis, since people rank well, with good reason, must be worth learning place, it is necessary for us to study it, learn it and analyze it. For example, set the keyword density distribution, skills, website structure, content characteristics, internal structure, chain chain layout etc.. If you can get a good ranking among the same industry competitors website analysis, copy, their site ranking natural can make up.

in the face of Shanghai dragon, a lot of people are confused, some people do not know how to start, some people think that some people work hard too profound to be understood, but no effect, some people give up halfway, some people met their bottleneck insurmountable…… Today, Yi cloud to share with you about how to learn Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon that several stages of learning? What should we pay attention to

second, learn to have the savvy Shanghai dragon.

in Shanghai dragon also have strong master, self-learning ability, this is the only one allow all doubt, master the ability to make yourself comfortable.


to some extent, learning Shanghai dragon is the need for a gift, this gift refers to a large extent understanding, can also be understood as the ability of self-study. Although learn from others can make their own many detours, but if you don’t understand, not to think, not to feel inside of the truth is not long, imitation, you can not make yourself beyond, when the external environment changes, such as the search engine algorithm changes, often they will become hand foot measures, no response. Only mastering the principle of Shanghai dragon deep, to maintaining the status quo, to hold a day

this is a commonplace talk of an old scholar but often overlooked by many people. Shanghai Longfeng with school are very different, in the school, as long as you are smart enough, may not need to do a lot of exercises can be a very good grasp of a subject, with inside knowledge, but Shanghai is much more complex than this dragon. It is not the complexity of the standard answer, all the answers are dynamic, no one can guarantee that you now have a skill is perpetual.

third, Shanghai dragon to be diligent learning.

even in the face of Shanghai Longfeng trivial knowledge points, we must keep a clear mind, we must master some knowledge, some can understand do not understand, and some even did not need to know. It is the case, in the face of Shanghai Longfeng scheme we only need to perplexing, I live a little on the line, that is to learn.

first, learn to know from the Shanghai dragon.

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