Keywords distribution structure should accord with Pyramid

(3) keywords decided website content planning. Only clear the keywords each section, the content of the web site to order more detail around the theme.


(2) of each keyword only on a page optimization

distribution in Pyramid The main items of

3, keywords layout

1, what is the structure of Pyramid



choose keywords, keywords to orderly distribution. Keywords distribution of a site should comply with the reasonable structure of Pyramid.

at the bottom of the tower: more long tail keywords can be placed in the post, and product detail page, form the bottom of Pyramid.

Tower: the site of a classification should be 10, each category can be placed in 2 and 3 of similar words; some medium large sites have two or more classification, the classification of the home page can put keyword level again. Keywords the grade one and two category page composition of tower body part.

, the website keyword distribution is more clear and orderly.

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? Keywords

2, how to group key words in each layer of

selected the core keywords, the classification of the remaining keywords according to the logic, each set of keywords for a classification. Keywords grouping is the need for more understanding to the industry, other have what trick.

spire: site 2 and 3 core keywords should be placed in the home page, which is part of the spire.

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distribution in accordance with the Pyramid shaped structure, but also pay attention to the following points:

(1) key words of each page can not be too much, usually 2-3

, for example, assume that the core keywords for badminton; a classification keyword can be badminton, badminton, badminton, badminton training information, badminton equipment etc.; each level of classification can also have two categories, such as badminton training can be divided into: adult badminton training, youth badminton training; finally. Badminton training articles can be placed in the two class classification of the article list.

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