Love the idea of the construction of the chain of Shanghai under the new algorithm


should pay attention to the user experience in the construction of the chain, this is many before the Shanghai dragon optimization staff less consider the problem, because the love of spiders in Shanghai will only according to the specific URL links to crawl and search, rarely focus on forms of the chain, but in the new love Shanghai algorithm, chain the text description and context description and the chain link after the success of the pop-up content must be consistent, otherwise it will be judged as cheating, such as a hot news chain in the open, even pop is a product of the Taobao guest page form, this will not only make the user objectionable key now has been able to in the new algorithm can recognize the love of Shanghai, so keep the original is very important.

love Shanghai algorithm update very fast, but these changes of the algorithm are basically repaired for some details, such as for some cheating Shanghai Longfeng optimization method for tracking, and the website drop right even punishment, so every time the love Shanghai algorithm update, many webmaster will cause Voices of discontent. When the time is. In 2013, in Shanghai love algorithm update, many engaged in Shanghai dragon optimization IT elite even issued a sigh of Shanghai dragon is dead, because some of the traditional chain construction method seems to be little effect, accidentally stepped on so love Shanghai algorithm leads to the site crash minefield.

Although the

of course not, the role of the chain is actually offering a more valuable reference to the user, but also an important way to improve their website image and get traffic, published a post in the forum, if the content is not complete, by increasing the chain guide >


as I talk, love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, but in essence, there is no change in the core, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guidelines for many years are not updated, such as follow the user experience principle, pay attention to the chain quality principle, in fact at any time, as in the past can according to the optimization direction of love Shanghai search engine optimization guide to provide the concept, will not appear in Shanghai dragon optimization is dead, and dead are talking about optimization webmaster actually refers to the black box optimization or cheating optimization method has gone away from us. In the background of the construction of the chain for the emperor under discussion is very necessary in the new love Shanghai algorithm is how to implement the construction of the chain.

forum chain construction to keep calm

chain content and text describing the consistency of

in the new love Shanghai algorithm, has identified the chain of the BBS forum as a kind of garbage outside the chain and not give higher weights, this is indeed a serious blow to those owners who engage in the signature of the chain, but the benefits of doing so is to increase equity in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix property optimization for the platform, BBS signature of the chain itself for a user’s Guide to almost zero, so this will form the chain block is represent the general trend this is not to say, but the chain forum will be of no use

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