New Shanghai dragon 30 days old reading around the wise remark of an experienced person

1: analysis of Shanghai Dragon:

3: identify key words:


2: Shanghai Phoenix website:

because now most suitable for the promotion of the website is a tree structured web site, such as the love of Shanghai know that structure, that is less than with pictures with words, the level should be clear, step by step down, this is the favorite search engine.

is new the first point to do, to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, because only by understanding the product, in order to know what to do next.

I want to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there is now a big part of don’t know "HTML language CSS, to web utterly ignorant of a few, it is not to say that such a person is not eligible to learn to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon. No! Absolutely not, learning Shanghai dragon everyone is equal, even if you don’t understand web design, does not understand the language, never mind. You can put the optimization do very well, is not what I said above, just heard some interest in the Shanghai dragon, full of interest to learn to learn, but out of the question, how to start, is not feeling like the night walking in the street, I can’t see the five finger, then please look down it allows you to take a few minutes, to their Shanghai Longfeng learning has a clear direction, I simply said the 0 new Shanghai based super dragon how to start, but also for the future to guide the brothers and sisters a little road, a little walk less detours. (I was confused for a long time, do not know how to start. I believe a lot of people and I feel like:

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, although that is the search engine optimization, but he is still in the optimization of the key, that is to say what is the search engine, he is a very abstract thing, some people say, "the love of Shanghai.

with the development of society, the progress of the times, the network has been recognized by more and more people, the influence of network on people more and more, and more and more people think, with the network survival, thus the birth of a new term, "Shanghai dragon optimization". I also just contact Shanghai Longfeng optimization for about a month, a month after years of pain, for in the webmaster forum, was so little, not possession is to share, I hope you can help, like me thousands on thousands of Shanghai Long Fengxin. My brother said to the hope that we can support, right up to correct them. Nonsense not say, now into the text, according to this more than a month of experience, Shanghai dragon is broad and profound, emerge in an endless stream all kinds of routines, but, I summed up what to do in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, want bigger, stronger in this industry, do more long-term, need to do the following eight word. "Persistence, confidence, diligence, target". If you can do these 8 words, so I dare not say that one of the best you can do in this industry, but I can guarantee that you can definitely do thriving.

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