What is the meaning of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

, title and meta 3 site labels, whether there is a keyword, meta tag content is high correlation with the web page.

4, on a web page is dynamic or static or pseudo static web page.

, the content of 2.

Shanghai is Shanghai ER in the diagnosis of dragon dragon optimization promotion on the site before, to the overall situation of the site itself for diagnosis, like a doctor with a patient, you need to "look, cut, ask," in order to know the diagnosis of the patient’s condition, the same, Shanghai Dragon and Phoenix Er should be on site diagnosis write, site diagnosis, and then according to the internal optimization and the promotion of the diagnosis book website. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the foundation for the promotion of the website optimization. I’m in front of my blog also said the public Zhang Qing specializes in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, the so-called professional knowledge to stand up to your site in the Shanghai dragon of diagnosis of a complete diagnosis, the content we all know that we are as follows:

1 server, diagnosis.

Update frequency and quality of

industry in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon as the carrier of the occupation is derived, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, Shanghai Longfeng consultants, Shanghai Longfeng station editor, Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner of the chain and so on, a derivative of the occupation is also reflected in the Shanghai dragon industry demand for talent, usually if a person can master these skills all can survive independently, self development, today I want to talk about is where Shanghai Longfeng the diagnostic significance of

, the 3 page appearance and user experience of diagnosis.

, a basic diagnosis

site structure and navigation

1, check the web site content is reasonable, to determine the site content in the speech is in accordance with the national law.


2, the main navigation are written.

page contains at least one "home" and return to the previous page links.

4, the website keyword distribution is reasonable, how the density of keywords, keywords have piled up behavior.

Whether 6, if there is a large >

three, website content in diagnosis of

5, whether there is a site map. Whether the application of noble baby Sitemap.

1, is the head of navigation, navigation, bottom navigation, breadcrumb navigation.

4, the domain name With the rapid development of 3, whether the


? Two,

2, website PR value, website ranking, included, PV value, IP value, analysis of traffic sources etc..

5, with ALT or title, ALT or title settings are reasonable.

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