Zhang Fangwen the content of the website is absolutely original and pseudo original

first: if a website are posted in the months before the time of the original article, the future may be some pseudo original content, search engines will think that these articles are the original, because this is a station to be trusted, and this station has a very high weight and even copying content (not only has been included in some of the large content and content), I believe that this station is also the first to be included, is the original article, but also with the following together. Tip: This article from the original Zhang Fangwen, I want to see more original articles please search for Zhang Fangwen, or directly log on my blog, my blog address is: Zhang Fangwen (phonetic) cards. Zhang Fangwen’s blog focused on enterprise e-commerce consultant


let’s first think of a question, the search engine is how to judge an article of the original? I often see online have a lot of friends bought some of the so-called pseudo original tool, the article paragraphs in order to adjust, add some word "", "", "ah", "is the so-called pseudo original.". I can responsibly tell you that the search engine to determine whether the original content, have been accurate to paragraphs, and according to the processed article (the spider will climb back to go to the repeated verb, to HTML code and a series of processing) to a value of a unique the encryption algorithm (similar to the calculated hash value or MD5), and then, their numerical databases have, without the value, that is the original, the contrary is not.

now the domestic technology Shanghai Longfeng mostly ranked in the chain of the primary stage, I think the Shanghai Dragon technology is not very mature compared to the foreign countries, now most of the domestic Shanghai Longfeng operators are only made to handle some basic static website internal structure adjustment and links, and then the other do some high weight anchor text, love Shanghai rankings will go up soon. This is Zhang Fangwen’s view on the domestic status quo of Shanghai Longfeng, personal opinions only.


then how are we going to let the search engine that our website issued an article is absolutely original? In fact, search engines often send original articles on some websites are given special care? In fact, this illusion is Shanghai dragon ER master for this reason there is two points. Is the use of this method, I use the term display cabinet with a month’s time to love Shanghai before three with a new station.

second: This is the key, is more important than the point above, is to do a good job in the station anchor text chain >

we all know that the site’s ranking is mainly depends on the content and then to obtain stable, in other words, enough content to attract users, allows users to find the first time he wants the content on your site that your site can get good rankings, today I have to share is the website content of this stuff, then I have direct access to the theme of

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