YAHOO the chain query tool to close the Shanghai dragon Er query outside the chain of tools recommen


page, enter the

, thank you!

more than three kinds of tools are free to query tool, for reference only, personally think that as long as we adhere to the update, the chain construction, if not checked will have good effect, just as our query tool as a reference, not to cut the chain as a query tool that not only rely on, so he often will worry more tired. I hope the three chain query tool useful friends, if you have any questions you can contact QQ577157727, I will try to solve the problem of

, Bing webmaster tools

贵族宝贝yingaoming贵族宝贝/e-marketing-promotion/wailian-tools add reprint please indicate




therefore, we can use Bing to look at the effect of the chain query. I use the 2shi贵族宝贝 website screenshot to test the query results, as follows:

chain query tool is closed, a lot of friends unable to check their site outside the chain, do not know how to check your site outside the chain, but here we recommend to the centralized chain query tool, hope to help you outside the chain of Shanghai dragon Er query Oh! Oh at present domestic chain query tool basically it has been a failure, including the chain query aizhan, personal feeling at present the chain aizhan query to the previous Yahoo are outside the chain of tools is not the result of the failure time, nearly a month basically did not update, you can try your previous aizhan chain results and present results consistent. The third chain query tool.


YAHOO friends! address!

three, backlinkwatch贵族宝贝


this is relatively simple, you can open the page after the input address

webmaster friends can login Bing webmaster tools to submit their own website, verify the end, after 3 days to check outside the chain of digital yourself! But one regret is that each address can display up to 200


official has stated that at present the chain query function has been transferred to the YAHOO webmaster tools above bing. YAHOO’s official explanation is as follows:

Open the


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