The new algorithm is love Shanghai intends to fight Shanghai Dragon ndustry


love Shanghai new algorithm to crack down should be small and medium-sized site, and.

a lot!

figure two: Shanghai dragon drunk a forum

don’t know why the influence of the new algorithm to love Shanghai, a number of personal blogs and forums in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng were down right and K station, so many people guess: love is in Shanghai to fight the Shanghai dragon industry, to tell the truth to this idea is stone. Because the author’s own personal blog is rather baffling be right down, a few words are always on the first page, since a few months is still relatively stable. But this love Shanghai new algorithm update, ranking the night back to the liberation, not only that today just seriously look at several Shanghai dragon forum, also found that escape the fate. The first is certainly the crackdown on key industries station in the new algorithm is different, such as: medical industry, enterprise, individual station Shanghai dragon blog. First, do not blindly too arbitrary, look at the data:

is a stone Shanghai dragon personal blog, the domain name time is 6 months and 5 days, recently busy update is not frequent, no rules, before every day update an original articles, never reprinted articles. I believe that most people in Shanghai dragon blog is such a situation, every day, like the experience of writing experience. My this blog the chain basically comes from the soft Wen submitting, mainly A5 and Chinaz, of course, there are other webmaster website. Now the snapshot has been updated, but don’t be too keen to recommend the stone "snapshot. According to the stone knowledge, the number of individuals in Shanghai dragon related blog K

drunk a dragon, a dragon Shanghai forum may you send the chain have been telling the truth now Shanghai Longfeng forum most have become the resources of our chain, this forum included is good, but no long-term management. May be the individual stationmaster not so much time and energy, a good operator forum is not a simple thing, just enough trouble management. This forum is also K, if that is because of lack of original content, a large number of Posts outside the chain, then look at the following class of Shanghai Longfeng forum that we all know: a push.

data of a pushThese days Figure

Figure three: Figure

included no ground for blame most of the site are in decline, or not see, but love from Shanghai statistical background can still see the sea love index increased. A push forum Wurenbuxiao, posting the daily volume is very large, the amount collected hundreds of thousands every day. But what is the real high quality content, how much is the original content. In addition to tui18, there are 28 push, Shanghai dragon WHY and other famous Shanghai dragon and the webmaster site.


: a personal blog Shanghai dragon is right down


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