Ballmer when was CEO Microsoft didn’t invest enough in hardware research and developmentAnalysis

"by a good idea, with the help of a genius who works around this good idea, a company can succeed by virtue of the ability of the enterprise to carry out the idea.". From the results, if you have a new idea different from the first idea, you may need some new talent to help you, in addition, you also need a new execution, and don’t let your new execution time, "Ballmer in the program that sighs.

at this moment, the advertising alliance appeared. It is a bridge between advertisers and website media, or an intermediary. Simplify the hiring and hiring relationship between advertisers and web owners. Further reflects the advertisers and web owners of independent choice. Because the advertising alliance this agency contains a large number of advertisers information, website main information. The two have more choices, more convenient, more intuitive integration of the two. For advertisers, it eliminates the trouble of finding the right Internet media for the whole world, eliminating the need for unethical cheating sites

"especially in the aspect of hardware, I hope we can set up a sufficient capacity to build Microsoft into a world-class Hard Suits Inc, has a new interpretation software is in essence the hardware, but I think our action behind the idea, realize that under my leadership, Microsoft needs to set up this new operation ability, already late."

this Tuesday, Ballmer in California, Rancho Palos Verdes Rancho Palos Verdes said at the Code conference, his leadership during the period of Microsoft in the cloud services to develop new capabilities, but when it comes to hardware, Ballmer admitted that Microsoft did not take active measures in this regard.

in the Ballmer era — from 2000 to 2014, Microsoft or do some great things, it brings us the WIndows Phone platform, the core operating system of Microsoft into the mobile era, and in 2013 through the acquisition of NOKIA, trying to develop new mobile devices business.

however, unfortunately, Windows Phone has never been successful, NOKIA’s value is also constantly shrinking in the hands of Microsoft, and NOKIA was eventually sold by Microsoft.

alliance includes three elements: advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising such as sales, guidance, etc. to the owners of the site to pay reasonable advertising costs, save marketing expenses, improve marketing quality. The website’s master alliance platform is suitable for advertising and has been put into the form of Internet and other media to obtain revenue.

"so, if you are lucky enough to get in others before action is investing in your first and second ideas, new capacity operation is the formation of this" second ideas "you next had to do. But I think it’s too late for me to realize the need to build new capabilities."

so Internet users are the carriers of online advertising. Advertisers use the Internet to spread their brands and gain profits. Web owners use their own free page resources to help advertisers pay for profits. The form can be divided into, monopoly mode: like a day, week package monthly, quarter, package, package and so on, advertisers selected websites or media in part by advertisers for profit control, communication. Click pay mode: like sh419 PPC, Internet users click your ad to collect fees. Profit model: a part of shopping or consumption after clicking on an advertisement by a netizen. It is distributed to the website or media that provides service to you, such as distribution Commission, registration royalty and so on. Spam mode: the most objectionable mode for Internet users, such as pop-up ads, users’ involuntary actions to trigger ads, malicious code, forcing Internet users to visit an ad or hijacking a tourist device, must visit the ad. each model is purely personal about online advertising

advertising profits gained by advertising in various modes must be greater than the amount invested in advertising. Instead, it’s a failed Internet promotion. There is a risk in network investment. Excessive input or investment in unsuitable mode or unsuitable network resource can cause loss. Web owners sell ads too high or make mistakes, and advertising providers can cause revenue declines or no income. Should be based on the quality of the site itself, combined with web content, combined with browsing crowd appropriate choice of advertising.


analyzes advertisers, web owners, ad alliances from an individual perspective.

from 09 years of online advertising system, advertisers to attract investment, large-scale, the site’s main income is still considerable. Because they all have a common carrier, that is Internet users. Let’s straighten out the principle first. Users open a web page or network media tour ", saw his interest in the subject or object, click enter, this may be a link from the site or advertising, media advertising pages shopping or investment, high profits to advertisers, advertising.

May 31st news, according to foreign media reports CNBC, this Tuesday, former Microsoft CEO Steve · Ballmer Steve Ballmer admitted that under his leadership of Microsoft, did not put enough effort in new hardware development. Ballmer concluded that reason is because Microsoft under his successor, Satir · Nadella Satya Nadella under the leadership of the launch of excellent products such as Surface Studio and Surface Book are welcome in the market.

Surface series tablet in the earlier way, also has been a stumbling – in 2013, Microsoft writedowns of $900 million Su>

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