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this is the article for the owners of these reading: not the line of the railway station, a new station on the line for several months not to do structure adjustment, website optimization for many years but still can not get satisfactory results (unable to break through the bottleneck, weight) user experience can not always meet users, included always can not get a promotion. Of course, this article may not be suitable for you to read, because the structure of your site has no problem. However, usually A5 marketing for customers in the site of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services, found that many sites have structural problems, but the problem is not small. At the same time, a lot of customers through our website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/ Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) optimization recommendations, get a very good upgrade! So, the article before the start, we must first understand: Viewed from the angle of Shanghai dragon, website structure optimization purpose and goal, only to understand these. In order to reasonably deploy the site structure. We then read:


this is an ingrained fact: users can naturally access a website, click on the link and find the information they want; it is inevitable. So, at this time will depend on the site navigation system is good, timely internal links and the anchor text accurately. However, fundamentally speaking, user experience good site also love Shanghai search engine love website, not to mention the love now Shanghai has always stressed that good user experience


A5 today to discuss marketing aspects of the structure of the site to explore this topic topic, why? Because many of the recent owners to A5 marketing consulting on website structure optimization problems, including attention, how to reasonable optimization. So, believe you all know, if the site does not have a reasonable structure, to see if the love Shanghai search engine angle: the impact site structure will be unreasonable serious search engine on its capture, indexing and ranking and weighting. To see it from the user’s point of view: it is effect of the user experience. Of course, the website structure optimization is the foundation of the Shanghai dragon. Therefore, whatever you do is what kind of website, to optimize the structure of the site of



point is clear: the web page included much depends on the structure of the site is good. So, from theory to see: site structure clear easily on the spider said clearly, as long as the planned classification and channel, then add the product page and articles in the classification, then form the entire site naturally tree structure. Of course, the actual operation would be difficult. For the Webmaster: want to let a spider crawling smoothly to all internal pages, may be a big challenge, because the package >


from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, the website structure optimization to the points for the purpose, for the purpose of:

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