Gao Wenliang good user experience take time for love Shanghai 520 event


took my attention to Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the competitiveness is very large, there are many senior level before the old station ranking on the home page of the site, the weight is quite high, but why can also be affected by this update and is not directly thrown into the dozens of pages outside? Speculation, anger overwhelming, Shanghai dragon why Admin5, Chinaz and other major webmaster forums can be seen everywhere related posts. And the answer in a few hours after being opened, the following is the official explanation given love Shanghai.

question: why is there love Shanghai to update the data out of

thank you for your attention to love Shanghai.

in the future we will strengthen the corresponding safeguard mechanism, to prevent the recurrence of similar problems. Sorry to let everyone also caused some misunderstanding."

We can love The word

user experience: a website development

May 20th love Shanghai ranked massive volatility event called love Shanghai 520 event happened, I think the webmaster also have memories, when hard to watch their rankings up overnight fell to dozens of pages, the heart is certainly very tangled, although ever had this experience, but this experience but different from the past, because we carefully look at the rankings can easily find a large number of B2B pages and portals in the rankings up.

said the details of this complex system, in short: we have a situation in the process of updating data, problems are discovered, already at noon on May 20th to repair, there are other reasons as part of the cache is updated, will soon return to normal.

after a few hours of cache update, most of the site’s ranking has returned to normal.

love Shanghai 520 event

for this question, I think the first feeling is, many webmaster artificial intervention.

from the Shanghai incident in 520 saw above love Shanghai artificial intervention is indeed very serious, but in >

had asked Pan Haidong three of Robin Li’s friends should know that love Shanghai database is divided into a plurality of database, the database of these sites is divided into a plurality of weights, weight high website on some database, low weight is in another part of the database. Someone once said to me: for all the news media websites and gov departments, in order to protect some of the brand’s authority, the weight of love Shanghai will give them a very high rank and good. These sites love Shanghai not to move them, but for the majority of small and medium-sized sites, Shanghai can be said to love you K K you, even pull into the blacklist never included, don’t want to get any traffic from Shanghai love. Therefore, he believes that the website optimization is the mixing flow in Shanghai under the eyes of love, try our best to do the chain, to get maximum flow, because no one dare say your site will not be K.

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