Several factors are easy to meet about do Shanghai Longfeng process

noble baby is very good webmaster tools to use a tool, although it is not too accurate statistics, but can be used as a general reference data. From the noble baby management tool can view the website which is insufficient, how the flow of the keywords, mining the long tail keywords, keywords view the overall trend and so on, for the webmaster, if the use of this tool, we can make a lot of work.

second, Googel

saw Shanghai dragon survey a webmaster do recently in the forum, let everyone vote for the usual encountered problems in the process of optimization of Shanghai dragon, found this very interesting, plus oneself to Shanghai dragon is very interested in, so I intend to summarize the data available to us, we usually see it encountered the same problem, after the announcement of the proportion, this paper continues to talk about some opinions about these problems.

Third, the lack of

not included, but for the specific site requires specific analysis. The most direct way is to view the IIS log, the spider crawling over the URL train, to see what is repeated crawling, see what has never been crawling once. If these are not crawling pages do link, it is the site of the weight problem, if there is no link structure of the web site is the introduction.

There are many factors of "overall technology

, the first page is not included in

see the statistics, I feel one representative of several, so extract share their views with you, "are not included, do not use noble baby webmaster tools, do not understand the technology of construction in four aspects and external links.

statistics a total of ten factors, in addition to a final, where the proportion of each are as follows: "not included accounted for 14.81%, I do not know how to start the optimization accounted for 6.48%, do not use Google Webmaster Tools account for 3.70%, accounted for 22.22%, ranking no site installation of traffic statistics not accounted for 0.93%, accounted for 3.70% of the sitemap won’t do no, div+css accounted for 9.26%, a lot of technical terms do not understand the construction of the chain accounted for 12.96%, accounting for 9.26%, in addition to some other factors.

said that although the Shanghai dragon is more external operation, but the necessary technology can not be less. For some sites, the structure is not reasonable will cause included affected by very large. Especially some of the CMS program, the function is too strong, so there will inevitably be inadequate, this time you need to complete the site detection procedures and architecture, so as to make the structure with SE. For lack of friends to practice, practice, learn techniques for Shanghai dragon is a great help.



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