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‘s blog is such that the chain do, in order to let the search engine can be better included his blog. He is out of order the choice of several articles in the synthesis of an article, then use false original tools so a synthesis. Then sent to his blog. Then a look at search engines, was very happy, because your site has a chain. But the content of the pseudo original tools produced is simply can’t read, when I saw this, I ask, this is completely done to the search engines to see the chain blog still useful? Before we think to do outside the chain as long as indexed by search engines, bigger is better on it in fact, this is an early algorithm. In the chain as the number of votes on a website, the chain number which website, who ranking ability is stronger. But the search engine development earlier today, this is not the case. Now the search engine is more concerned about the quality of a link, the number is no longer effective. If your web site outside of the chain in large quantities, and low quality of words. Then the search engine will think you website is also low quality, as the saying goes, Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together. Is full of junk links to your website, your quality is not where to go.

the user longer residence time show this page the higher the value.

of a page. The more the higher the value of interactive comments. < >

blog the chain is the most common, do most of the chain, but I see too much about Shanghai Longfeng personnel for the understanding of the chain blog too simple, but in the chain for the blog to misunderstanding. To the end that spent a lot of time and could not receive the expected effect, wasted time and energy. Today the author here puts forward some new blog outside the chain of thinking, I believe can help us to correct understanding of the chain blog. In order to avoid detours, to achieve the best results in the shortest time.


said these junk links may pull away, back to what we call the blog link it. So the blog link what should we do? In fact business with running a blog site is a principle. The blog is of course content, of course you want for your blog to find good and can attract people, can solve the problems of user content. Because even the same blog, also not every page links of the weight is the same. The search engine will be calculated for each web page, if your page value is high, then the link weights, the ability to vote on which natural high. Then the search engine is how to calculate the value of the

and the content of a page more show this page the higher the value of

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page is a top of the more show this page the higher the value.

browsing a web page more show this page the higher the value.

in a shared page show this page the higher the value.

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