Shanghai new sex to know a few details are easy to overlook the chain

two, a day not overdo sth.Not because of high grade

The number of the chain to

if you want to feel love in Shanghai know.

I know it for a few days at the

above in love Shanghai, have seen many examples of the chain, a simple look at the survival time of chain that matters to pay attention to the following details, hope to the webmaster friends help.

in addition, the advantage of large account there is likely to be adopted to answer, whether you answer or answer a question, the same answer, adopt high grade account will be perfectly logical and reasonable. If others see your answer, you will "take", ask more times was the top of the ranking will be in front, so will form a virtuous circle.

, love Shanghai know account level to high

so, keep a love Shanghai know the account is very important; as for how to raise, I recommend a method of low cost and rapid aging. You can also register multiple accounts, each account in accordance with the questions of different days, the highest reward points, take one of the account’s answer is the best answer, just a few days will fly up the score. High level of probability, the chain of success will be relatively high, not easy to appear to be a large area to remove the phenomenon.

I have a love of Shanghai know 7 of the account, there are a lot of 2~3 account of the trumpet; some time ago to try to answer the chain add reference, with 7 accounts easily through 2~3; level 1 is the random through many times, and then submit to answer back, have not found to answer what is obvious in love Shanghai seconds deleted.

account can freely add the chain, in fact, no matter how high your account level, just repeat the added content too much, or the answer will be deleted. So, do the chain with a web site every day must not overdo sth.. So, how many is not overdo sth.? I recommend every 5 or so high, a small number of high quality, it is worth to try.

if you feel a lot of time, so the chain does little, so is a high grade account to try? In fact, in the eyes of love Shanghai, the chain number and account level regardless of whether or not you are changing, as long as the chain increased irrational, are prone to problems.

as everyone knows, the love of Shanghai has a special preference for their products, whether it is love or love Post Bar Shanghai, Shanghai or Shanghai, or Shanghai know love, love library, or love or love the experience of Shanghai, Shanghai space…… As long as their products, weight will be high enough to easily occupy the top of search results. So the webmaster well versed in the road, began to do promotion, single-minded in Shanghai love their products on the chain effect; needless to say, as long as the effort is good, do not dig the corner, as long as you can dig into the Shanghai love their products page and make a chain, hold a thigh, not much effect say.

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