The common problems of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ranked when no

fell one reason: does the hair of the chain



believe that many Shanghai dragon ER and I encountered the same problem, is in about a month to a web site keywords to the home page to optimization, ranking is stable in love Shanghai three or four big update, it did not fall out of the home page, but often encountered in the five or six update the emergence of ranking dropped to the two or three page, I will talk about the reasons for this situation is now ranked

up, does not mean that we have finished the work, I agree with such an optimization process, the number of hair every day the chain is from less to more, and then see the rankings, from more to less, then from the attention to occasionally look, of course I said is a small project a small project is easier to do, optimize the staff get benefits is relatively small, so the cycle optimization must grasp, so time-consuming also should not return

ranking will fall is a normal situation, we must hold, not to rank the lifting dabeitaixi, radish original, reproduced please specify, group purchase site navigation: 贵族宝贝>

fell two reasons: the quality of the chain is no guarantee of

at the start of the month to the site to do optimization, you strive to send the chain of the deepening of the site search spider crawling frequency, in this month, the number of the chain rose sharply, the chain from scratch, from less to more, the quality is certainly a key consideration of the spider love Shanghai standard. This was enough to let’s give a good rankings.

always encounter some situation like this, Links is deleted, the chain before the post was deleted, some instant search chain can no longer be search spiders index and so on, to reduce the number of the chain, to search the spider a bad impression, ranking may also fall.

site is because of the increase of short time attracted the attention of a large number of the chain search, later Shanghai will definitely love the content of the site assessment, if the contents are reproduced or some of the rubbish, the late ranking drop is also very possible.

fell three reasons: the chain before the deleted




I think most of Shanghai dragon Er have this feeling, each project in the hair of the chain is especially handy, the resources of the hand is quite much, but some resources are disposable, like some link platform and so on, no resources, ranking is not up, we have to try to this time, quality of the chain is very prone to problems, don’t know about you, but I was so late, outside the chain of quality problems, resulting in the instability of ranking.

fell four reasons: the content of the examination is not passed

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